The Death of Jade Goody

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A poem to dedicate Jade Goody who has died from cancer at a young age.

Her death will be mourned with respect and sorrow.  she was a successful young women with a lot of great qualities.  Her East London personality brought a real quality to everyone’s life, even though some people were nasty about her and made horrible comments about her background.  During a famous life, she made loads of fans from her television appearances and her time in Big Brother.  I know she will missed by many people, including her fans.  This a real tragedy at heart.

Jade Goody, a young English woman,

Who made an impression,
On the popular live reality show Big Brother.
From being an unknown

To acquiring many fans, as she led a short eventful life.

She soon took up more work,
After her big brother appearance,
To open a salon that was to be famous
On national television.

But then all went wrong,
For she became ill,
With a cancer that would kill,
That spread to her entire body,
Giving her only weeks to live.

Poor Jade Goody,
She was very young for death
Even when she had a lot to live for.
But her time was now near,
And it would bring a sad tear!

So Pray for Jade Goody,
Who has left two children,
That will grow up without her,
But will never forget their mother,
Who will be in their hearts forever!

So, to all those women out there, please take good care of your bodies.  Get regular medical checks where women’s issues are concerned and do not ever hesitate to see a Doctor if you have a health scare of any kind.


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