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No matter how much you eat, you feel you do not gain weight. This is experienced by Iwan (18 years). With a height of 172 cm, Iwan has only 45 kg body weight. Far from ideal weight is 65 kg. He wanted once to weight gain, so the body look fuller. Every effort has been made iwan to add weight, he was even in a day eat 4 times and added vitamins and mineral supplements. But it’s all in vain.

Why would anyone be easy to ride his weight, but there is also a difficult one to raise the weight? If you include people who are difficult to gain weight, you should check your family. Does anyone in your family who are mengalai the same problem with you. If indeed there are in your family, then you were meant to be thin.

To add ½ kg of body weight per week, then you need an additional 500 kcal per day outside of the daily consumption anda.Kebanyakan people think that to put on weight then they should consume lots of protein in significant amounts. This is wrong, because the excess protein we consume will not be stored by the body as flesh (muscle mass). To add to your weight (increase your muscle mass) then you have to do is to exercise. Sports such as weightlifting and other weight training will make the muscle fibers grow. For that you need to consume extra calories while you do these exercises, so that the protein will be used to form new muscle fibers you who did not participate were burned by the body as an energy source as long as you do the exercises / sports.

So, how do you get extra calories?

To get the extra calories needed to gain weight, you should consume:

Snacks / extra snacks, like sandwiches, sandwich and a glass of milk just before you sleep

Eating larger portions than ever before

Eating foods that contain high calories. Foods that are high calorie content is fat. 1 g of fat is equivalent to 9 kcal, whereas 1 gram of carbohydrates and proteins only 4 kcal. But be careful in choosing high-calorie foods. Avoid saturated fats such as cheese, fatty meats, chicken skin, butter and margarine. These foods contain saturated fats that have a hazard to your health.

Tips for Choosing a high-calorie foods

Choose foods and beverages following the diet program your weight gain:

Cereal. If you make cereal, add milk. To improve taste and appetite, you can add dried fruit, krackers, biscuits and cakes that you like.

Juice / fruit juice. If you like to make fresh juice, choose an apple, grape, pineapple. These fruits have a higher calorific value than orange juice or tomato juice. Add milk to add calories from your fruit juice.

The fruit. Choose fruit that less water content such as, bananas, pineapples, dates, or dried fruits. These fruits contain more calories than oranges, watermelons, melons and fruits are high water content.

Of milk. To increase the calories of liquid you drink milk, add milk powder to milk the usual liquid you drink. Or mix the liquid with chocolate milk.

Bread. Spread peanut butter and honey in greater numbers on your breakfast bread baker.

Meat. Although beef and lamb contain more calories than chicken and fish, but both types of meats also contain saturated fats that are harmful to health. Eat small amounts of meat and choose lean. To increase calories, fried chicken with a little oil or margarine.

Pulses. Expand the consumption of various types of beans, including soybeans and derivative products. Because nuts are not just high calorie content, but they are also high in protein and carbohydrate content.

Of vegetables. Vegetables such as beans, corn, carrots, and beets waluh have more calories than green beans, broccoli and other vegetables are high water content. To increase the calorific value of the vegetables, then tumislah vegetables using margarine and add the grated cheese slices.

Snacks / snack. Lunch and afternoon snacks are the perfect way to increase your calorie intake. Some healthy snacks among others are: yogurt, cheese krackers, nuts, pastries, muffins, milk shakes, hot chocolate, bananas, dried fruit and sandwiches.

There are times when you also have to examine yourself and your eating habits over the years. Do you eat on time? How is your diet? How many times do you eat a day? Sometimes there are people who eat a lot every time he ate, but after checking it remains thin. He was skipping breakfast and as compensation he ate more during the day and evenings. This is actually not good. If you want to increase your weight, eat in the morning, afternoon, evening and an additional meal / snack just before you sleep. Make sure you eat on time and not procrastinate, postpone.

But if all the above does not work, then be patient. Do everything slowly and do not want you gain weight quickly. Some people will increase in size by the time they begin to mature. Perhaps it is not time for your body to increase the content and weight. So be patience …

1. You need to know that the human body outline, which can increase or decrease the weight there are only two things, namely MUSCLE and FAT.
2. In thin people, his body can not store fat. I once wrote an article with the title of Fat Level Point that clear on this.
3. Being unable to store fat, so if a thin person trying to gain weight by increasing fat by eating a lot, eat junk food, pizza, burgers, candy, ice cream, etc, what happens is the body will not be able to save it. The result is an automatic stay of fats is discarded by the body. That’s why thin people can not ride weight despite eating a lot.
4. Weight gain solution is to raise MUSCLE because once again, the emaciated body can not store fat.
5. How to increase muscle, a simple principle that is corrupted your muscles and then let your muscles repair themselves. Your job is to give him nutritious food needed muscle. You can use additional supplements like Muscle Juice consumption of nutrients to help you during you want to increase your weight.
6. The only way to damage your muscles is by weight training. Perform weight training for every muscle in your body, but focus on the maximum weight of the large muscles of the chest, back and your thighs.

Good luck


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