Avoid Air Conditioning When Sleep

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This was stated by Associate Professor Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore Wang Nuoxian who has spent over two years to examine the sleep habits of 300 Singaporeans.

The results of this study found, Praise be to Allaah when a large number of people turn on air conditioners, used to shut the window, in order to save electricity, but it can actually lead to the accumulation of carbon dioxide into the room, causing their heads throbbing headache when you wake up in the morning, and dispirited.

It was also found that people who sleep with the AC, there are nearly four in 10 people will experience dry skin problems, while those who slept only with a fan without turning on the AC, not more than 1 in 10 people can be such a problem arise.

The same is expressed by Dr. Wendra Ali. Sp.S, neurologist at the Hospital International Bintaro. According to him, the temperature is too cold and the direct blast of air from the air conditioner or fan is on the face, head and neck in a long time (eg during the night), can cause some neurological disorders. Variety of disorders, among others:
Bell’s palsy (paralysis Face Sesisi)

This disease causes swelling of the facial nerve (7th nerve) to one side. Usually the patient will feel pain in one eye when washing the face, because the eye can not be dipejamkan. He also difficult to rinse, mouth oblique / oblique, slurred speech, while drinking water will be runny, and taste the tongue reduced. The last discovery suggests the possibility of viral infection carried by air or wind. This disease is common and usually affects adolescents and young adults. When occurs in older people should think about possible symptoms of a stroke. Bell’s palsy can be cured if treated quickly. Treatment with drugs can anti-inflamasi/antiedema, antiviral, and vitamin nerves. Patients also have to do gymnastics face (facial exercise). The patient will usually recover within 1-6 weeks.
Torticollis (neck tengang)

Diseases that can be caused because one pillow is usually the case when people wake up. Patients feel stiff neck, can not look to one side, also pains like electric shocks when forced to move. When talking or coughing will be sore. This disease can be treated with injections at points of pain in the neck as well as anti-inflammatory drug administration. If you need to do warm-up therapy.
Frozen Shoulder (Frozen Shoulder)

This disease usually occurs in the morning when I wake up. Sufferers are not able to brush my teeth and comb my hair because of ankle shoulder arm pain when lifted or moved. If not treated it will restrict the movement of the shoulder, and when chronic illness need to do surgery. Treatment consists of anti-inflammatory drug administration, and injections of the wrist antinyeri shoulder. Also need treatment warming plus a shoulder exercise.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disease with symptoms of tingling and pain in the hand, especially the first three fingers (thumb, forefinger and middle finger). Symptoms may be more pronounced at night in air-conditioned room. The symptoms were caused by swelling of the nerve that passes through the tunnel in the wrist. This disease can be cured if treated quickly. Wendra doctor added, the temperature of cold air conditioner harmful to patients with rheumatoid arthritis. In any migraine sufferers, air conditioning can trigger relapse.

However, Wang Nuoxiang give way antidotes, if you want to prevent the side effects of this AC, is very easy, namely: When closing the window, reserving a few flaws, so that fresh air into the room. Moreover they are using the AC separation.


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