Casting, Jigging, Popping And Trolling is Hiponim of Fishing

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If we talk about fishing, which automatically implied in our mind is put bait (either live bait or dead bait) on the hook and threw it in the river or the sea which is roughly the potential to eat fish. Behind all that, still there are many things that are very broad to be discussed, as well as the Fisherman and the angler. The fundamental difference between the Fisherman and the angler is the equipment used and the techniques he uses when hunting fish.

Fisherman tend towards a fairly simple equipment, rods, strings and hooks with techniques as described in the beginning of the sentence. While the angler, a little more complicated, angler themselves in the capture of fish Angling word, which is one of deep-sea fish from the waters. Angler is the anglers who use the rod or rods, strings, reel and artificial baits also called the lure (fish and has a shape resembling more like a toy). The technique usually used is Casting, Jigging, Popping and Trolling that are part of one of the techniques in fishing.


Casting is one of the fishing technique by throwing and pull back, beginning with throwing lure, retrieving or rolling it with the reel while playing according to the type of lure used. This is done continuously until the lure is struck by the predatory water. Tools used for casting is casting rod (having a very high level of flexibility), baitcasting reel (can adjust the speed of retrieving and spool when throwing and attractive lure), and the latter is automatically lure itself.

Casting tends to be used for fishing on the river with a target of predators such as fish; hampala, toman, cork, and the like. Lure-lure is used for casting; Stickbait, Minnow, Spoon, Spinner, Pencil, Froggie, Casper, and many others. Each lure has action (movement of the bait when it is played in the water) different, and certainly every lure has a different technique when retrieving.
2. Jigging

The second technique is Jigging fishing. On this fishing technique, casting techniques are not as complicated as a lure too many types and different ways while playing it. Jigging is a technique by dropping a fishing lure to bottom of the sea, and began swinging the rod offset by retrieving.

But at the time retrieving, lure not rolled up to the surface, roughly until the middle of the ocean depths, re-opened so that the spool reel bottom of the lure back and began to play the same technique until there is a bolt from predators in the ocean waters. Joran on this technique is very stiff, because it takes power here to raise fish, reel commonly used is a hard class action spinning reel. And for obvious lurenya itself using Metal Jig, according to the name of the technique.

Once the technique is still no technique Trolling Jigging. Compared to other fishing techniques, this technique is the most expensive equipment and fishing techniques with, not every angler can feel the sensation of a strike with this technique. Trolling is the technique of fishing with a sinking lure and also accompanied by the course of the ship. This technique is the easiest fishing technique, because the lure angler here only playing from the strings attached to the rod with a distance of about 100-200 meters from the ship, and let the lure still dragging in the water that resulted in movements due to changes in the ship while waiting for a bolt of fish.

Why this technique is the most expensive technique, because the price of a special fishing rod and reel trolling the price could reach tens of millions of dollars for a medium class action, but it also must hire a boat angler can launch and fishing techniques to this one. Lure commonly used for this technique is the minnow
4. Popping

The latter technique in the world of fishing is Popping. This technique is very popular today, because much discussed in the media of television and magazines as well. Techniques on the popping does not vary much with casting, the lure throw and pulled repeatedly to get a bolt from the predator. In this technique, the predator was forced to grab popper (a special lure for popping technique) because of the movement and splashnya very disturbing territory, so the predator grabbed not feel hungry, but because he felt disturbed by man-made bait. This technique is also a technique that greatly favored by anglers, because they could watch the fish strike directly on poppers or also commonly referred to as SENSATION STRIKE!


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