Helpful Ideas For Microwave Cooking

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Your microwave can be used for more than heating T.V dinners and left overs.  There are some things you should know to be successful at microwave cooking. 

Microwaves only penetrate 2 inches of the food and for this reason you should cut the food into pieces smaller than 2 inches.

Cakes and breads need to be cooked in a ring pan for best results.  This will enable the microwave to cook them from all sides.

You must eat breads that are cooked in a microwave immediately or they will get tough and hard.

Microwaved food gets hotter on the outside of the dish.  Always stir the food from the outside of the dish to the inside and this way you will move the hotter food to the center and the cooler food to the outside.

Most microwaves will not brown the food you cook in them.  If you want your food to be browned you will have to brush the meat with a browning sauce before cooking.  You can frost and butter cakes and breads to hide the fact they are not brown.  If you want you can brown your microwave food in a conventional oven.  You can use browning dishes to brown your food.  They have a coating that gets very hot and the food placed in these preheated dishes will brown.

You must arrange your food with the thickest part toward the outside of the dish.  This will help the food cook more evenly.  You might have to rearrange the food several times during the cooking process.

Microwaved food will continue cooking while it is standing in the microwave.  The heat is in the food not the oven.

Always use microwave safe dishes.  If the dishes are not microwave safe they can break.  Never put metal in a microwave.

Microwaves have different power levels.  High is 100 percent power,  Medium high is 75 percent power, Medium is 50 percent power, Medium low is 30 percent power and low is 10 percent power.

Microwave cooking is fast and easy.  There are some steps you will have to follow to be successful. Hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries do not heat well in a microwave.  Mexican foods made with soft tortillas heat up very well.  Hard shell tacos and nachos will become soggy.  Frozen foods are great but if they do not have microwave directions they may not turn out very good.

These tips are an adaptation of how to cook in a microwave that are in “Simply Delicious Options” published in 1996. 

Always follow your microwave manufacturer’s instructions.  Microwaves are not all the same.


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