Men Worsen Appearances

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Healthy habits all may be time to your attention. Unfortunately there are some habits that you think is Healthy, it gradually worsen the appearance.

To find out whether one of the following habits are habits you, AskMen expose below.

Use facial products indiscriminate
For men, skin care routine is still considered one eye. Men often use facial skin care products are the most easily found. In fact, it could be dry and irritated skin due to the indiscriminate use of the product. Other times, it is advisable to use the products according to skin type to make it look more clean, soft, and well groomed.

Excessive consumption of tea and coffee
Our bodies are 70 percent fluid. For that, make sure your body hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. For you lovers of tea and coffee, it is advisable to drink more water because the two types of these beverages are diuretics (fluid in the body throw). Enough water to stay hydrated and make sure the body’s cells to function better, more fit body, and more radiant skin.

Dry Shave
Do not use shaving cream when smoothed his beard to make skin irritation, itching and ingrown facial hair. To ensure it does not happen, set aside a few pieces of your money to buy razors and shaving cream trusted brand.

Touching the face
Knowingly or not, palms save quite a lot of bacteria and dirt. When you touch your hands to the face, bacteria and dirt will move into the pores which provoke the appearance of acne. Rubbing the face also causes the skin is not naturally attracted to the new wrinkles appear.

Walking hunched
Not only bad for the spine, the effect of bending can send a message that you are lazy and do not believe in yourself. Meanwhile, marched to the body muscles look more prominent and attractive woman’s attention.

Exercising for a reason to eat more
Runs 20 minutes and then took a portion of the burger is not a good reason to eliminate the calories are diasup. To be well maintained body weight, nutritionists advise to eat less. So, instead of looking for reasons to eat more with more frequent exercise.

Excessive alcohol consumption
Alcohol affects short-term and long term for the appearance. Because including a diuretic beverages, alcohol causes dehydration so that in one night just one line wrinkles will show up in your face. Also, adding several hundred calories in your body.

Sunbathing without sunblock
The most common skin damage and premature aging associated with sun exposure. Without sunblock, skin is not protected so that wrinkles easily emerge.

When you inhale smoke, free radicals are formed in the body and damage DNA, causing the skin to look pale and wrinkles appear. If you have trouble quitting smoking, find out the other benefits to the body when you are no longer smoking.


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