Sleep Apnea Evaluation in Patients With Chronic Fatigue And Fibromyalgia

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Chronic fatigue symptoms and or fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia like conditions are increasing medical conditions in USA and slowly growing all around the world. Sleep is poor in this group of patients. There are multiple different causes of the sleep problems. Sleep problems is slowly growing medical problem in the modern times. Working long hours, increasing stress from social, financial and working condition has been affecting sleep in many individuals. Many patients especially obese suffer from daytime sleepiness.

In patients suffering from persistent fatigue symptoms or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or symptoms of fibromyalgia, history of sleep is very important and Sleep Apnea should be excluded as one of the causes of CFS.

Sleep apnea is common with increase in obesity in the United States and around the world. It is now more common than asthma bronchial. The sleep study for evaluation sleep apnea is more commonly ordered by primary care doctors in USA. There is increase in public awareness of the sleep apnea and sleep disorders around the globe.

People suffering from sleep problem will benefit from the screening of the OSA. Some important points for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) screening one may want to know are:

• One of the common symptoms for OSA is the symptoms of Snoring
•Symptoms of hypersomnia or excessive daytime sleepiness
• observed apnea (someone said that the man stopped breathing while sleeping)
• Elevated blood pressure or hypertension.
• Neck size that is greater than 16 inches in woman and 17 inches in men.

If two or more of the criteria are present from those mentioned above, you may have sleep apnea and it would be wise to seek medical evaluation.

In patient diagnosed with sleep apnea the treatment of sleep apnea with Continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP may be needed. Usually, there should be improvement of the CFS symptoms with treatment of sleep apnea. But if fatigue and sleep symptoms  still persists, then other causes such as restless leg syndrome, pain-related arousals, sleep disruption, constipation, etc., must be looked into.

In patient with restless leg symptoms there is constant need to move the legs or change in the position for getting comfortable. It may affect the sleep initiation problem or in some one may affect the sleep after are asleep and has sleep maintance problem. The common treatment drugs used are Requip or Mirapex in USA. They are FDA approved drugs. It may be need in some if other measures of alleviating thing performed, improvement of constipation or bowel regimen is not working. Pranayama or the breathing exercise of the Yoga may help in some with the regular moderate level of exercise or the Yoga exercises.

So if one is suffering from chronic fatigue symptoms or fibromyalgia symptoms and has the sleep problem and above listed symptoms or associated condition is present then one may need to consider evaluation of the sleep apnea and needs to be treated.


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