Selecting a Birthday or Greeting Card

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Step 1 On your way to get the birthday or greeting card think about two things. First type of person you are getting the card for such as funny, religious, or casual. Second the occasion for the card. Price should be the last factor on your list. Greeting cards are rarely purchased so find the one you like and get it.

Step 2 Upon entering the greeting card store or section look for the main headings at the top of the boards. Greeting cards are always arranged by category and name brand.

Step 3

When you enter the section that is appropriate to you look at the face holders behind the card. This will give you an idea of what the card is about. Religious – The card will contain a verse from the Bible. Funny – will contain a joke or related. Name of relation such as Sister or Brother will use the wording inside of the card.

If you are looking for a card from the family or for the office select one with the place holder “from us” this will mention the words implies its from more than one person.

 Step 4 Select based upon the outside. What type of reaction do you want from the person? I recommend selecting at least two cards for you to choose from. Close your eyes for a moment and open the card. Do you have the reaction that you expect.

Step 5

Additional ideas below will help guide you:

Wife/Fiance/Girlfriend – Birthday should be flower related and express your love for her. This is a great time to slip in a ring if you want to propose. Thinking of you cards are available also, avoid selecting a blank card.

Husband/Fiance/Boyfriend – Something straight forward to the point, maybe about sports. If you want him to get closer to the ring or if it has been a difficult year, expression of love and support.

Brother/Sister/Friend – Let the humor roll if it is appropriate.

Child/Children – One with their age is appropriate. If you are not sure, choose one with a goal oriented them. You may want to include money depending upon their age. Encourages them to set goals for the future and to aim towards a career beyond high school.

Sympathy card – For sympathy always select a card with a religious in nature to encourage them to seek God for strength. Also try to be there for them and asking if they need anything. Offer to take the kids for a couple of hours.

Additional topics are available for cards – They range from pen pals to secret Santa. If you have time check out the other sections.

Additional Tips

*  A music card is good if you know they would enjoy the music.
*  Take a moment to see other cards available.


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