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Regarding the Yes, Virginia DVD, I did something with it that I very seldom do.  I purchased it before even having seen the 2009 program.  I guess the price was right, and I was just in a mood for holiday shows.  Whatever made me do it, I am very glad I did.

This is an animated piece where the animation is not the familiar cartoon look, but where the computer generated images are very human looking.  The story has a tiny more edge to it than other versions I have seen, but that edge actually works overall.  I have no qualms about what they did with the story at all.

This is the true story of little Virginia O’Hanlon who wrote Frank Church, the editor of the New York Sun, and asked him if Santa Claus was real.  Church’s answer is arguably the most reprinted editorial of all time.

The DVD comes with a slip over jacket that has the same awesome front and back artwork as on the DVD case.  The front image is of Virginia and her best friend, Ollie, as they are about to mail her letter at the mailbox.  The back has 3 more images and the write up.  The essence of the front cover is also on the disk itself, but without the background pictures.

There are extras on the disk that are great to have.  The trailer is included, as well as The Making Of Yes, Virginia which does a lot to show how the program was put together, as a concept and production wise.

Now the worst part of the DVD is that the location of the commentaries is under “set up” instead of in the bonus section.  That is a little confusing.  I thought for a moment there was something wrong, until I thought to look under the set up.

One commentary is by the director, and that’s nice, but the best one is done by the three young kids who voice Virginia, Ollie, and Charlotte (the villainous of the piece).  These kids just watch the show and talk about how they feel about it.  It’s just so innocent and fun.  It’s now one of my favorite commentaries ever.  I am so glad the adults didn’t try to steer the kids or direct them in conversation.  They did a great job.

I love this DVD.


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