Rio Bravo: Ultimate Collector's Edition Dvd Set

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The Rio Bravo: Ultimate Collector’s Edition DVD set is really a swell set to own if you love westerns, this movie in particular, or any of the stars.  The stars of this Howard Hawks production are John Wayne, Dean Martin, Rick Nelson, Angie Dickinson, Ward Bond, and Walter Brennan, and they all do terrific jobs.

This set comes in a heavy duty case holder.  I mean this is the quality we would love to see in all of our sets that we value.  It is definitely not going to tear or rip.  However, it is susceptible to box clippers (mine had a nasty gash on the back).  The pictures on the front and the back of Wayne, Martin, and Nelson are terrific.

Now the set contains two DVDs and then the two individually packaged pieces that also slip into this quality box.  Each of these extras slip into a holder that is also made of quality cardboard.  One opens up with a nice picture of Wayne inside.  The actual extra here are 5×7 color cards of various scenes.  These were what were commonly called lobby cards and were originally 11×17 in size and distributed to theaters.

The other insert opens up to an image of four of the stars.  Inside are two booklets.  One is what they used to call the press book.  It has different size images of the posters and media releases.  Anyone getting this could use this pictures and stories in their newspapers or magazines to publicize the movie.  The other booklet is a reproduction of the Dell comic book for the movie.  I love it.

The DVD holder is, like the overall case holder, very strong.  I so wish that this kind of quality was used on more sets.  Each DVD has its own slot.  One pictures Wayne, and the other pictures Martin and Nelson.  The Wayne disk has the movie, plus a commentary, while the second disk includes 3 extras — the movie’s trailer, a featurette on Old Tucson where the movie was filmed, and a long commemorative look at Howard Hawks.

This is a top quality set for movie lovers to own.


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