Airlines Services in India

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World today is sharing goods, energy, skills, information, etc. In a way world is expanding for everyone. In ancient times people never needed to travel beyond certain boundaries but in today’s era people are travelling more, they have got many reasons to travel long distances, distances beyond their cities, distances beyond their countries, distances beyond their continents, and so on. All this travelling is possible today because of a rising mode of transportation i.e. Airlines.

Automobiles let you travel through roads, trains let you travel through railway tracks, and ships let you travel through in the same way airlines let you travel through air. It is the fastest mode of transportation available to general people.

Airlines are comparatively expensive when compared to other modes of transportation, but it sharply reduces the time duration required to travel same distances. Rising fuel prices are creating a huge problem for these airlines as it contributes to the rise in the input costs. Other factors which contribute to the input cost are various taxes, wages and salary, maintenance, fare of competitive airlines, etc.

 Aviation sector in India is one of those sectors, which have shown continuous rise and improvement. It shares a considerable amount of revenue earned by government of India. In India airline industry has seen continuous growth since beginning. The government of India has a free sky policy which allowed several international aircrafts to expand their business and services in the country. Indian aviation is the ninth largest aviation sector in the world. Previously, it was completely under the control of government but now approximately seventy five percent of domestic airlines are controlled by private organizations.

Aviation sector has introduced several new employment and carrier opportunities for everyone, reducing unemployment. It has carrier options for a wide range of people from science student to management workers, from air hostess to pilot, the increment in number of jobs was observed in lower class as well. It also helped tourism sector in India by increasing number of tourists.

Various airline regulatory bodies in India takes care of maintenance of airports infrastructure, services provided by airlines, and prevents labors and employees from being exploited. The Aviation regulatory authorities includes organizations like

  • Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO)

  • Ministry of civil Aviation

  • Airport authority of India (AAI)

  • National airport authority (NAA)

  • African airline association

  • Air transport association of America

  • Arab air carriers organization

  • Association of Asia pacific airlines Association of European airlines

  • International air carrier association

  • International air transport association

  • International civil aviation organization

  • Pacific Asia travel association and many more.

Some big names in airline industry are

  • Go air airlines

  • Kingfisher airlines
  • Jet airways
  • Indigo airlines

  • Spice jet airlines and few more.

Jet airways are one of the finest airlines in India. Its center is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. King fisher is closest competitor of Jet airways, it is an organization with several enterprises. It is known and well recognized for its luxurious services. Customers’ complaint about missing lost or damaged luggage. In a way Jet airways don’t handle luggage properly. The kingfisher customers face problems regarding privilege cards like king club member, etc these cards don’t work or are not accepted by kingfishers electronic devices when used.


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