How to Choose an Adult Diaper

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The choice of which adult diaper to choose can be simplified really based on one’s needs.  Adult diapers are complex in design and technology but simple when it comes to what you are looking for in terms of need.  People diagnosed with urinary incontinence but not bowel incontinence require a different adult diaper than the latter.  Also, the degree of incontinence is important to take into consideration.  Whether you are a light wetter or heavy wetter will also allow you to better narrow down your choices of which adult diaper to choose.  Bowel incontinent people most likely will require a lot heavier designed diaper in order to contain better than more lighter-weight adult diapers.

Urinary Incontinence

Those with urinary incontinence alone first need to establish how often and to what degree of urinary incontinence they have.  If they are a heavy wetter or light wetter.  Also, what type of job do you have will also help you make the correct decision.  Are you on your feet all day?  Are you busy?  Do you work at home?  These are all important questions in deciding which adult diaper is best for you.  If you are someone who is very busy all day and does not have much time to change your diaper in case you wet then a thicker adult diaper is probably necessary for your needs.  Thicker adult diapers (depending on your need) include Molicare, Bambino Diapers, Secure X-Plus, and Abena Abri-form X-Plus.  These adult diapers are top of the line diapers and will provide you with the maximum protection against wetting.  On the other hand if you work at home and are able to easily change and not necessarily a heavy wetter than some of the cheaper and less absorbant diapers such as Depends and Attends are perfect adult diapers for the cause.

Bowel Incontinence

 Bowel incontinence brings other aspects into consideration.  When a diaper must be prepared to handle fecal matter than several considerations must be taken into account.  As volatile as it sounds to discuss, it is absolutely necessary if you are wanting to remain comfortable and feel as secure as possible when it comes to defecation into a diaper.  I would always recommend a higher brand adult diaper such as Secure X-Plus or Abena Abri-Form adult diapers for bowel incontinence.  These higher brand diapers will not only better contain the smell in case you have an accident but also will provide a more secure and safe feeling for the psychological aspect of having bowel incontinence.  The higher brand adult diapers also are built to allow spacing in the ‘seat’ of the diaper for room for defecation if it were to occur.  Other cheaper adult diapers don’t necessarily have this feature and can provide quite a few problems in regards to comfort.

Whatever adult diaper you choose be sure to consider the factors and variables that go into making the decision as you do not want diapers to hinder your lifestyle but instead allow you to do the things you would be allowed to do if you didn’t have incontinence.  Adult diapers can provide you with the freedom you need to do things you were possibly scared to do for fear of emberrassment of having an accident.  Just be sure to take into consideration all the possible variables before choosing to invest in adult diapers.


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