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In a gigantic city like Delhi we need counseling every now and then. Counseling about admission in school, counseling about which course should we go with in our senior secondary studies, counseling about which collage we should opt for, counseling on work pressure in office, counseling about getting married, counseling for good relationship, counseling for having children, counseling for taking children care and this counseling chain hence keep on going and never stops.  A counselor is the person who listens to our problems and stress and then give his/her opinion on what we should take up as our next step. This opinion help people a lot in taking a good step which helps them a lot in their future. These counselors are even called psychologist who have an in depth knowledge about psychology.  There are types of psychologist in term of profession and academic.  Clinical professional who work with patients in variety of therapeutic contexts. Scientists conducting psychological research or teaching psychology in college or university. Academic professionals who apply psychological researches, theories and technique to real world problems, issues, questions in social, economic and political concerns.  Basically psychology is science in which people study the mind, partly by behavior and party via science. Its immediate goal is to understand individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases. Psychologist is the person who deals with psychology and help in person and in society. There are number of psychologist in Delhi region itself. These psychologists help out people with counseling and tips for good movement.  There are psychologist in hauz khas, psychologist in uttam nagar and psychologist in pitampura who helps out people of Delhi. These are professional practitioner psychologist who attempts to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior.

The psychologists in pitampura explore physiological and neurobiological process that lie in function and behavior of people who come to them. The psychologists in uttam nagar explore perception, intention, emotion, motivation, brain functioning, personality and interpersonal relationships and then deal with problem of the patients. The psychologists in hauz khas also deals with patient using the subconscious mind technique. All these psychologists help out people with all kind of counseling.  Psychologists employ empirical methods to infer causal and correlation relationships between psychosocial variables.


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