Between Dream And Reality, What's Related?

We dream during sleep actually revolves around a simple concept. Our subconscious mind is giving us a message. It could be anything. We often hear that the engineers and game designers who claim that their inspiration came from a dream in particular. Both Einstein and Hawking has been based on a dream of getting their brilliant ideas. On the other Nightmares can be a projection of the uncomfortable feeling that your subconscious mind may have, or when you think of an idea of ​​their progress with the disaster.

I’ll let you in on exactly the things to consider if you want to find the meaning of the dream that you can actually apply in real life.

1. Symbols sleep
Your subconscious mind knows exactly to their tastes, their fears and dislikes and all that brings joy and pleasure. In his dreams, which often use symbols or other to convey their message, and believe it or not this is what makes it so easy to interpret. The symbol itself can be almost anything that is physically embodied in a dream: a car, donkey, a flock of sheep, rabbit talk. The key to understanding the world what it means these things is to unite your feelings with them. Notice what emotions come to you when certain symbols. For example, perhaps a fear of heights in real life and dreams suddenly exposed to free fall, but his fears seem less strange. In fact, you are overcome with joy. In this case a clear message. Your subconscious wants you to go out there and get rid of fear once and for all, because no one is really irrational.

2. Tale dreams
In his dream, your subconscious mind often form a kind of story that could have a double meaning. The scene may appear to follow different types of logic, even ridiculous, but always associated with scenes of real life in some way. Your conscious mind has a tendency to ignore your dreams evoke faulty logic. However, in doing so, you also lose the message that your subconscious mind trying to send. Calvin S. Hall designed the coding system after analyzing thousands of participants sleep diaries. In this system there are 4 things that look that can make you conscious interpretation much easier. Consider your actions, objects and figures, who or what they are and how it interacts with other characters in the dream, and finally sleep adjustment, transitions and outcomes.

3. Dream journal
It will be noted that this is an absolute command interpreter of dreams. Journal of the dream is not so much for you to record your dreams and leave them as a gallery. Their real goal is that your mind is awake and aware and trying to interpret dreams sleep patterns shared by all people. As nice as this, the subconscious mind is actually a passive machine that can only absorb and provide information. You need a critical and analytical capacity of your conscious mind to decipher the information. Interesting sensation you get when you realize that you have experienced recurring dream is a clear message to do something about it in real life. Dream journal can be in any way you like, digital or pocket. You can include images, videos and other labels, if you can help. Interpretation of something that is much easier and effective when you have a reference. Nothing makes a dream diary only to remember their dreams. To find meaning in it.


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