The Flintstones: The Complete Third Season Dvd Set

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The Flintstones: The Complete Third Season DVD set, part of the Hanna-Barbera Golden Collection, continues to follow the design of previous sets.  However, new as of this season is that the exterior cases are no longer that crummy plastic.  Now the actual fold out disk holder slips into a box, which is much more preferable.  There is still a great cast photo on the front, plus additional images and a write up on the back.

Like prior seasons, the interior holder is a fold out piece that you have to keep unfolding to reveal the disks and the listing of their contents.  I really do not like this style of fold out, but many sets utilize that process today, and the entire Flintstone collection apparently works the same.

As before, the first few disks have terrific artwork on them, but the last disk is plain because it is two sided.

The bad news continues to be the lack chapter marks.  You can go from episode to episode, but that’s it.  The “play all” button is thankfully still present.

Season 3 does have the classic theme song after the first couple of episodes.

There is a bit of a difference in the opening of the DVD, but otherwise, season 3 follows the same concept as the two prior seasons.  The teaser is still included at the front of each show, then the opening theme, and then the episode.

The season opener is big on Dino, which I love because I love Dino.  I have to admit that I adore that they changed Dino from how he was in Season 1, episode 18, when Fred and Wilma first brought him home.  He was near human then, talking and doing chores.  They really converted him into a dinosaur dog, though, and that was a good move.  This episode is called “Dino Goes Hollyrock,” and finds Dino infatuated with Sassie, a TV dinosaur star.  It’s great.

Of course, what is memorable about this season is Pebbles’ birth.  She really changed the show and brought a warmth to it.  I love the post Pebbles shows the best.

One thing to note about The Flintstones is that the DVDs are shown in episode air date order, not production order, so it sometimes doesn’t make sense in terms on continuity.


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