As The Administrator Password of Windows 7 With a Usb Reset

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the first thing you usually do when we lose the passwords of Windows 7 to ask an expert to help. But only for a moment forget your password and Windows 7, it can take several days to access your computer again. From now on, nothing to worry if I fear forgets your password for Windows 7. This article gives you some ideas to reset a password for Windows 7 USB Drive.

Part One: Changing the password of Windows 7 with resetting your password.

Most people generally do not know how to create a new user with password or change it. But they have not developed the habit of creating a password reset disk to prevent the lost password. This is a great gift and free from Microsoft. Click here to learn how to create a password reset disk in Windows 7
if you are ready to have a reset disk, follow these steps:

Step 1: Restart your computer, insert the USB drive. A host interface, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete twice in the classic newspaper. Then enter your user name and password you want to use one or leave it blank, press Enter or click OK .. It seems that the application does not.

Click here to reset the password …: Step 2 … It displays the Password Reset Wizard. And that lets you create a new password for your account. In the dialog box Password Reset Wizard, click Next.

Step 3: Select the disk you have entered, click Next. Enter the new password in the Password field, enter a new password, and retype it in the Enter the password to confirm. In the box, enter a new password hint, a clue to give the password or not, then click Next → Finish the game and then try to return to Windows XP when using the new password you just defined.

These password reset disk with a single USB port on a specific account that you have not already, or will not help. So the best thing is to create a password reset disk, if you add a password for your account.


Part Two: Change your password with Windows Password Windows 7 rescue run from a USB memory

if you have not created a password reset disk for your account, and unfortunately has been lost or forgotten Windows passwords, see below. I’ll show you step by step instructions to perform this task in minutes with USB, without losing data or reinstalling the system.

Step 1: Prepare to go to a 2 GB USB flash drive and computer.

Step 2: Download Windows Password saving personal / professional and install on your computer that has access.

Step 3: Run the program and burn the ISO to a USB flash drive.

NOTE: This is the USB disk is formatted and lost all your data in them. You should be here with nothing.

Step 4: Use Windows 7 USB, reset your password. Before this step, you must restart the computer via USB set. Then restart your computer and continue the process of resetting passwords to enjoy quick and easy. Do not worry, if you set the BIOS problem, you can see further into the site to recover Windows password.


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