Seo Strategies at The Beginning of 2012

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The search engines have evolved since I started working as SEO is more than ten years ago – we talked about Google while still in beta. All the years I have worked in this business, I took the first days of January to reflect on what worked and what did the previous year, and set my goals there. Since I have clients from various industries and business, my strategy is clearly different from the home agent working for SEO visibility of your company. However, I hope to offer support to those who are new to the game they want to achieve high rankings and clickthrough rate.

In the past it was believed that he should do is continue to ping the major search engines and directories and META tag it with keywords. In fact, the engines are wise to that now, and the days do not even need to send a URL to search engines to cache. Despite all the tricks and the gray / black hat SEO techniques people have used in recent years are a few constants:

1) A good content, relevant. Your site needs it, and you have to write. What drives clicks and events such as shopping and requests for your contact form is the content of the solids that present fairly its mission statement. If you sell clothing or candy, or using your site to advertise his plumbing business, the content must communicate information to visitors directly. Relevance and quality is the key to help improve your search rankings.

2) the link quality. From early in the game of SEO, I know that the collection of links has no value, such as specialists in finding that price. You can have hundreds of incoming links from sites like for it, and will not benefit at all. This does not mean you have to pursue the relationship in the new year, but we must find quality sites are highlighted to give authority to keep it lined up.

3) Be accessible. At the end of the day, the most important page on your site is one with contact information. If the phone number is wrong and how it does not work, lost sales and customers. If you do one thing this year to increase web presence, make sure that people can easily contact anytime.

Be aware of the trend as work on their SEO strategy, but do not sacrifice good content for cheap tricks.


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