There Are Several Degrees And Careers Available in The Field of Hospitality

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One of the key areas that employ thousands of graduates each year is the hospitality industry. Jobs in the range of hospitality to prepare and serve food for the crew at the hotel reception for dealing black jack at a casino. If you want to pursue a career in hospitality, you’ll be glad to know that there are career options that are available.

An associate degree program, which will be the investment of two years in the field of hospitality, offering a variety of different programs based on career goals. For example, you might want a management position and requires a college degree to secure a job as assistant manager after graduation. However, you may prefer a more creative contribution and select associate degree in culinary arts.

Maybe you are looking for more responsibility and higher wages and are willing to spend four years to get a college degree. A degree in hospitality management offers many opportunities for a career as a hotel manager, event coordinator, catering director, or manager of human resources. The best part about this bachelor’s degree is the flexibility, because you can start one job and transfer to another.

You may want to continue their education to get a masters in business administration in hospitality management that will push your career to a higher level of your business and give you an edge over the competition. This title qualifies for the general manager level oversight of the head of department at a large hotel or agency. If you want to start mid-level executive roles after MBA in hospitality management may be your best choice.

When you think of the hospitality field who do not normally think of a doctorate, however, if the culinary arts is your passion, you might want to consider a doctoral degree in the culinary arts. Most cooks today do not have a PhD, but if you want to advance your career out of this kitchen is the way to achieve it. A doctoral degree will give you knowledge of food theory, cultural studies from the kitchen, sanitation, and mass production of food.

In addition to fulfilling their educational goals, the advanced degree will open doors for culinary arts education at the university level. Doctors can also go beyond the position of executive chef major implications not to mention the salary. Not only gain a competitive advantage with a medical degree, but you can combine your knowledge of food science research purposes.

If this sounds like something you’ll first need to pursue a degree in culinary. Higher education in this field are still rather rare, so you have to do a thorough investigation to find the program that best suits your needs. You can even find an online doctoral program in culinary arts and learning at home.

Whatever the level of education we aspire to, you can find with a degree in hospitality. The labor market continues to grow in the hotel so the future looks promising. Start by selecting the job you want and find online courses and degree programs that give you the best chance for success and advancement in his career.


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