The Importance Of Coffee On The Human Body System

Ever wonder what is in coffee that makes it so good? Or, How roasting such an insignificant little bean could bring such pleasure to humankind? That is not the whole story. All of nature’s own magic is neatly stuffed into the little brown bean we call coffee. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that something that tastes so wonderful could actually be good for you. Study after study has borne out the goodness found in the unadulterated neatly preserved coffee bean by the roasting process. Pure rich goodness and aroma burst forth as soon as freshly roasted coffee beans are ground and you take the first whiff, then sip the final product. Are you prepared to take a short journey?

Laying aside all obvious facts, like how good coffee tastes with a doughnut, or the pure pleasure of that first sip of fresh brewed coffee with a friend while having an intense catch-up conversation, coffee is power-packed! Nutrient rich coffee was created for your health and for enjoyment. Who can argue with Mother Nature? She always knows best when it comes to our nutrient needs, and she planned that coffee would be both rewarding and important to the function of the human body system.

Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants coffee nourishes the cells and helps in the prevention and control of many diseases. New studies regarding coffee’s influence on Parkinson’s disease, claim that there is a slowing down of the neurological process in Parkinson’s associated with tremors following the increase of coffee consumption in the patient. Surprisingly, in Parkinson’s disease, coffee helps the shakes, and may assist in the slowing down of the progression of the disease process.

Caffeine in coffee has always been the cure-all for tension headaches. This is surprising because coffee is a diuretic. 99% of headaches start as a result of dehydration in the arachnoid space in the brain which is the little tiny space between the outer shell of the skull and the inner lining next to the brain. It looks like a bunch of spider webs. That was a power packed definition, but accurate. So if coffee is a diuretic, how can it help a headache? The caffeine in coffee constricts the blood vessels and reduces swelling associated with pressure in the cranium thus relieving the symptoms of a headache without the blood thinner properties in Aspirin or Advil. Coffee is a natural remedy for the tension headache. Not so for a migraine headache, but that’s for another discussion. For most people, and for all practical purposes, Nature’s own coffee and cold water take care of a tension headache very well.

Constipation is a problem for many people. Want a simple natural cure for constipation? Have a morning cup or two of your favorite fresh roasted freshly ground coffee to free up your jammed packed intestines. Coffee starts the churning action in the gut called peristalsis and gets things moving, pronto. What could be better than justifying your love for coffee with knowing it is actually your friend to help your bowels stay regular? Drink coffee and stay free!

Only a few benefits of coffee are mentioned here for the enhancement of your coffee knowledge, however, there are many, many more. Nature is a true genius when it comes to the needs of the human body. All that we have to do to take advantage of Nature’s marvelous creations is avail ourselves of all the wonderful gems it has to offer. Start each and every day with a cup of coffee made from fresh ground freshly roasted coffee beans brewed to perfection to take advantage of Nature’s wonderland. Be an informed consumer.

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