The Flintstones: The Complete First Season Dvd Set

I’m going back to my childhood with The Flintstones: The Complete First Season DVD set.  It’s funny because it’s not all how I remember it.  For example, the classic theme song is not part of this first season.  I’d forgotten.  The opening also features a blue Dino.  Of course, there are reasons for all of this, much of which is either given in factoids on the DVD box or in commentary.

This set, part of the Hanna-Barbera Golden Collection, follows a pattern that all of the other season sets do as well.  The fold out DVD holder slip into a plastic case holder that really is not all that strong.  It has what would be a cast photo on the front that is also the same as the actual disk holder inside.  The back has another image of Fred Flintstone and the write up about that set.

The interior holder is a fold out piece.  I love that each disk has its own place.  However, the last disk is a dual sided one.  It has the special features on it.

Of major annoyance, there are no chapter marks in Season 1, so if you want or need to go backward or forward, you have to use your player’s scan function.  In addition, while there is my favorite “play all” feature, if you start at any episode but the first on a disk, it only plays that show.  Some DVDs will keep on going to the next episode, but this one does not.

It is neat that the teaser, which is a part of the episode, is also included, so we get the teaser, the opening credits, and the rest of the show.

My favorite episode is probably The Snorkasaurus Hunter, which is the 18th episode.  I love the march of the ants.  This is the show where Dino becomes the family pet.  What is confusing to an extent, however, is that in at least two prior shows, we have seen Dino, in the familiar purple.  As I said, this Dino in the episode is blue, like in the opening credits.  This Dino also talks and does chores, so there are some differences in what is in this show and what is commonly thought of when one thinks of Dino.

The extras were nice, but were a little disappointing, especially the Meet the Flintstones featurette.  I expected something a bit more concrete and informational, but it was more glossy than anything else.  They have a little bit on the gadgets of the Stone Age and also the original TV sponsor ads.  Also included is The Flagstones pilot, which is just a couple of minutes in length.

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