12 Most Favorite Application For The Ipad

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Every few days I was wondering what the best applications for iPhone and iPad applications of my favorites. In fact, last May, I wrote about my 12 favorite iPhone application that calls for 12 of the best applications for the iPhone, so I think to return to the list to see if my favorite has changed. As expected, the best iPad applications have evolved over time. For example, only three out of twelve applications iPad has been on my list of the best applications for the iPhone and Kindle, Zinio and mail.

# 12 of # 12, iBooks have the best list of iPad. IBooks e-only reason it makes a list of favorite iPad iBooks this application because it offers an excellent interface to store and read PDF files.

Having used some PDF readers, including the popular GoodReader for iPad, I prefer to save a PDF file showing the cover iBooks PDF document in the view of the library and the ability to sync via iTunes or attached to emails are opened and sent to the iBooks iBooks application and this feature makes the wrong of the best applications on the iPad.

There are several features of iBooks did not use data including iBooks provides access to Apple’s iBookstore that lets you download and read the latest books and classics. You can also take notes and highlight sections of your eBook and use AirPrint to print a PDF file with notes.

# 11 of the best of my application for the iPad next obsession and last words sink / HD time for friends. If you have not heard of the word to friends, should be only one! Words with friends HD is a crossword puzzle (think Scrabble) social play against your friends with an account of NewToy Inc. While there is an iPhone application for the word to friends, a larger iPhone screen allows more to see in board that allows me to smoke my enemies!

# 10 iPhone iPad in my favorite applications is one of the best iPhone applications are available to children and implement the four years of my favorite iPhone. DressUpBaby provide an intuitive and simple to four years with the characters fun and fashionable clothing and accessories. I randomly received an email costumes for my daughter with a camera function in one of the main applications for the iPad.

# Next on the list of the best applications for iPhone 9 also is one of my iPad productivity applications. Remote is a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client for the iPhone that gives you the ability to control your desktop virtually on the internet from your iPhone. I use Windows and Mac clients to control the machine, but VNC will also work with different flavors of Unix. This application has saved me many times when I came out, but needs some work to make this one of my best apps for the iPhone.

# 8 iPad whistle into a telephone network to make this conference one application of the best of my application for the iPhone. I use the whistle as a client Asterix PBX, a SIP third-party service) that allows me to call the “office” wherever you have Internet access. Whistle provides integration with my contacts (which syncs with the cloud from Google) and loaded with latest IOS I can go call the whistle in the background while I continue to use the iPad. Speaker works wonderfully, but also supports whistle Apple headset lets you answer calls with the middle button. This application allows the company and is one of my major productivity apps for the iPad provides the tools to work virtually.

# 7 Kindle continue to make all the best iPhone apps list and is not an exception to the application for the iPad favorite geeks. Kindle app offers easy to use and provides access to Amazon’s Whispersync service to automatically synchronizes your last page read, bookmarks, notes and highlighting in Kindle device. Amazon’s Kindle store offers more than 800 000 electronic books at a price equal to or better than other distributors of electronic books.

# 6 Next on my list of the best applications for the iPad, Toodledo allows me access to cloud-based task manager and the service provides easy access to my task list. Toodledo Apple iPhone ranks among the top 30 paid for all time, and above 200 for the iPhone – in January 2011 and is one of my favorite iPad application and one of my major productivity apps for the iPad.

# 5 Evernote is a cloud-based service account is one of my major productivity apps for the iPhone and one of the best applications for the iPhone. Evernote iPhone features my main interface to retrieve and view records, including records of the vote, while I was in my home office. Evernote automatically syncs with the cloud-based service so you can see the notes on the iPad, one of the Evernote desktop application, or on the web. Evernote app included in the “Hall of Fame application” Apple in the New York Times “Top 10 Must-Have Application” and the list has won awards for best mobile application TechCrunch, Mashable and the Webbys and, in my opinion, one of the best apps on the iPad .

# 4 One of the included applications, calendar applications, is one of my most used and therefore, one of my favorite iPad. IPhone Calendar application is well designed and make a list sorted by synchronization with Google calendar service based on the cloud.

# 3 If you subscribe to Netflix, you must have one of the best iPhone applications are available to access the Netflix service to the application. This application lets you access your Netflix account to instantly view television programs and movies from Netflix streaming as part of their Netflix unlimited membership. I use this app almost every night to watch TV shows and is one of the best applications on the iPad.

# 2 Zinio is one of my favorite apps for the iPhone and use Zinio to receive all my digital magazines than email as Zinio iPhone app offers thousands of journal titles with special interactive features and graphics directly synchronize your iPad. I started using Zinio for 5 years and archived journals available through the application Zinio!

# 1 Since getting an iPhone, I use the device as my primary means to obtain most of my work and all my personal email through the Mail application included and therefore, this letter I am either the implementation of the iPad. Ideal interface for a tablet thanks to a portable device properties, the application mail to help keep my quest to keep the inbox zero.

Felteau Doug enjoys blogging about the latest gadgets and all things related to technology and maintain a monthly article on Gizmos for Geeks list of the best applications for iPhone. An avid iPhone users since the device was released, Doug has built devices and applications in their daily lives.


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