Common Sense Methods For Multiple Choice

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In most schools, the final exams usually contain a series of multiple and essay questions. Although majority of students prefer to sit for exams with multiple choice questions, they are known to be quite tricky. Some teachers have devised ways of making multiple choice questions confusing and difficult. It is for this reason that students preparing for their exams need to know some of the ways of acing multiple choice exams.

The first thing you must do is prepare well for the exam. This involves attending class, doing your homework and asking questions in class. Multiple choice questions are usually repeated from past exam papers and thus if you need to score highly on the questions you must go through past papers. Go through the questions until you have figured all the correct answers. This method is simple and is a great way of not only preparing for the exams but getting ready to score highly on the final exam.

It is possible for a student to spend too much time on the multiple choice exam and in the end fail to answer all questions. To avoid such a situation, you should determine the time you need to finish the questions. In addition, you need to keep track of time so as to avoid spending much of your time on a single question. If the time you have allocated on a particular question runs out, go to the next question. Go back to the question after finishing the rest.

One essential tip in acing multiple choice exams is to start with the easiest questions. Carefully read the question to make sure you understand it. The answer to the question might come to you while you are still reading it. However, do not be tempted to answer it right away. Instead, read all the choices until you are certain you have the correct one. On the other hand, if you do not have an answer, skip the question and go to the next. Make sure to come back to it later. Doing this help you finishing all the questions without spending too much time on a single problem.

Next, tackle the tough questions. Since you have already dealt with the easiest ones, you have ample time to spend answering the hard ones. Go through the ones you have not tackled. Chances are that you will have picked up a clue from the other questions, which will guide you in picking the correct choice. Do not spend much time on the harder questions; in fact you should only pass through them only once. If a question is proving to be difficult and you have given all you have,try and repose the question as a true or false. You can also use logic or common sense to select the best possible choice.

Multiple choice questions can be confusing at times. However, if you follow the above methods you are assured of passing the exams with flying colors. Make sure to get ample sleep the night before the exams and do not panic.


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