Can anti-ageing products make you 10 years younger?

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Many also include a sun protection factor that helps to prevents photo-aging which is known to produce the majority of wrinkles on one’s face.

The skin constantly renews itself however as we get older that renewal takes longer and is not as efficient. Anti-aging products that use vitamin derivatives, pentapeptides and sunscreens targeted to block damaging UV rays are an effective and esthetically pleasing way to speed up that process. Generally these skin treatment items are more suitable for facial skin because they are lighter and designed to be used on most skin types.

Anti-aging products if used daily and before wrinkles have set in will prevent many fine lines from forming. Used later in life they help reduce fines and improve the texture of the skin dramatically. These products are considered treatment products and are not moisturizers. You will need to use them along with your daily routine of cleansing and moisturizing to maintain proper hydration of the skin. There are many choices in skin supplements that will improve the tone and texture of the skin; anti-aging systems, firming eye creams, complexion brighteners, line reducers, microdermabrasion sets, eye revitalizers, age fighting lip treatments, eye gels for soothing puffiness and lip masks and balms.

If you are going to take the time to use anti-aging treatment products, take the time to also use them on other areas of your body as well. Neglecting your throat and décolleté shows telltale signs of aging. They receive the same exposure to the sun and wind as your face does. One other area you might want to pay special attention to is your hands. Using a good hand cream with a sunscreen will help to prevent age spots and will create a more youthful impression.

Why would you want to look younger than you are? There are a couple of compelling reasons. First, it is a given that many women will be left on their own later in life. Whether you are looking for a new mate or a new job, appearance makes a big difference in whether or not you will be successful. Second, in today’s tight economy, people are competing for jobs, often with people much younger than them. Youth is synonymous with more up-to-date skills, flexibility and eagerness. Still, in today’s society, we judge people by appearance and if the cover of the book” is not appealing we pass it by. We have a short time to make a great first impression and using anti-aging products to keep you looking your absolute best can help you do that.


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