So, Someone thinks you have a drinking problem?

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Alcoholism is a big problem. Almost 18 million Americans suffer from alcoholism. The people around them suffer even more.

I would like to remind you to drink responsibly.

Alcoholism causes terrible things, like gout. Gout is a metabolic disorder where the liver and kidneys begin to fail, causing urine crystals to condense around the joints, causing severe pain.Circulatory problems are also caused by alcohol. One of the first symptoms of circulatory problems for men, is male impotence. Performance-enhancing medications may temporarily solve the problem but won’t reverse the harmful effects of alcoholism. Over time, circulatory problems due to alcoholism can lead to heart attacks and a stroke.

Alcohol is the leading cause of pancreatitis, according to Harvard university. Alcoholism can cause bleeding from the esophagus, and aggravate ulcers.

Alcoholism also affects the skin, and can result in rosacea, a condition where the facial skin turns red and possibly pimply, especially in the nose area.

Alcoholism can create a disruption in the nervous system, which results in twitching eye movements, confusion, speech disturbances, and walking disturbances.

Alcoholism can lead to depression, irrational behavior, violence and aggression.

Alcoholism is a disease.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a voluntary group that helps alcoholics break free from alcohol addiction.

Alanon is a support group for people affected by alcoholism. Drinking affects the families of the alcoholic, their co-workers and our community. they have a special division called Alateen, which is for the children of alcoholics.

Ironically, even when confronted directly about alcoholism, many alcoholics claim that they don’t have a problem. They may deny that they’re drinking at work, after work, or at home. They can get violent and irrational when confronted.

Generally, it’s plainly obvious to everyone close to the alcoholic, that there’s a problem.

To the children and grandchildren of alcoholics, we say “Be strong.” Your (parent or grandparent) loves you more than the earth is green and is a victim of this disease, just as much as you are. Any violence, irrational behavior, anger or neglect is just a symptom of the disease, and not a reflection of their feelings for you. Somewhere buried underneath that drunk is a (man or woman) that realy wants out from under this disease. just be there for them when they come out. Visit Alanon for more information, and to understand the nature of the disease, and to talk with people who have been through it.

To the wives or husbands of alcoholics, we just want you to know that we SEE how you’ve picked up the slack for many years. What more could you do, right? You married this person because they were awesome and you know more than anyone how much (s)he’s lost to this disease. It’s not lost, friend. that person you married is still there, beaten down by a disease that has robbed you of how many years of your adult life?

Getting an alcoholic to submit to recovery can be hard for everyone involved. Often, an intervention can help the victim see that while everyone loves him (or her) no one is willing to enable his (or her) drinking habit anymore.

If you or a loved one is battling alcoholism, leave me a comment and tell me your story. When we share our joys, they increase. When we share our troubles, they are divided.


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