Principles of Creative Thinking

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From Nothing to Something

When the seeds are entrepreneurs, the institute is inspiring entrepreneurs who live embryo. Furthermore, depending on the soil where you plant those seeds!

The main key to making decisions become entrepreneurs is a process of creative thinking. Creative mindset starts from the theory of imperfection. According to Hendro and Candra (2006) there are seven principles of creative thinking are:

1. Think differently with Opposite position

  1. Start from different positions

  2. Never follow the crowd thought patterns or habits to follow: the kreativator generally very observant crowd following his logic to be used as the object of advertising through the repetition of the message. They think in a way opposite to most people so as to give effect. Example: in cosmetics ads always be repeated message that white is beautiful. This ad was very effective to boost sales of soap and whitening cream. In fact, white women are not always pretty, proved a bloody African model Naomi Campbell became a top international model. Note that a creator does not set himself up as the object of advertising, targeted advertising messages, but instead be sending the message that control the market.

  3. Avoid the pitfalls of logic you: creative people do not like routine, always look for something new, something different, something more satisfying their imagination. Example: during the holiday season most of our society are always day trips to coastal areas and the peak. The intensity of the traffic density was very tinggi.Terkadang due to traffic delays, many travelers actually spend more time off the road rather than in a tourist destination. Why not offer new things like one-stop entertainment in the car repair shop that also provides service car wash, gas station, mosque, snack centers including the center by the department-by, a playground, renting rooms by the hour for rest, shiatsu massage, or salon spa, children’s playground, theater and family with a system drive inn, do not forget equipped with a hot spot and the center of the ATM. If a one-stop entertainment is designed with the feel of a tropical garden that represents the natural beauty of the mountains is not this kind of business types can hijack some potential tourists in the middle of their journey?

2. The theory of innovation: innovation rationale is to make things that might not be possible. All the inventors in the world, always based on the theory of innovation paradigm.

3. Think more detail: in the theory of innovation contained more detail the concept of thinking that can be described as follows

  1. Change your habit patterns, if you usually try to see things from the front view of the back, sides, top and bottom. In the process of observing, not only do visually, see also the details. Example: if the painting should not only observe the fleeting but try looking at the details of color, graffiti strokes, brush strokes and the message of the artist

  2. When you examine a process, try to see from start to finish the whole process of workmanship, methods, etc.

  3. When you see the product, look at the production side, the composition of raw materials and workmanship. For example if you see the movie do not just enjoy the movie storyline and characters, try to learn the aspects of editing, camera angles, shooting techniques, writing scripts and so on.

  4. Visit the stores, trade shows, exhibitions and promotional events and at the time did not just see the crowd or the number of visitors. Observe what products are on display, where the industry is offering innovative products, new market opportunities, the price of products sold, the competition between business units and other interesting aspects.

4. Have a perfect result: this principle would encourage you to work harder and not easily satisfied.

5. Make sure there is a solution: a few tips and tricks for solution-based thinking, among others

  1. Replacing the word ‘but’ with ‘and’, for example I want to eat snacks, but I have to diet. Now if I change to the sentence ‘I want to eat snacks and I have to diet’ what about a solution you can think of?

  2. Observe your difficulties and problems that occur, then put yourself as a spectator. Perspective of what you get. After that come back as yourself. By trying the other person’s perspective, we usually know the answers to the problems we experienced.

  1. 6. Adversity and inspiration attached to one another:

  1. Always ask why

  2. Always think nothing is impossible

  3. Reversing how to think: not as subjects but as objects of the problem

  4. Always think about the constraints that exist and the rules that have not been made to create inspiration and opportunities

7. Knowledge only 1%, 99% Imagination:

  1. Start learning to sketch the problem, reflect, and imagine

  2. What is your dream for this?


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