The 10 Best Places to Head to The Beginning of 2012.

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Hours of fun and partying, then advanced to the last second “backward, and finally -” Happy New Year “, everyone kisses and sang” Auld Lang Syne “as fireworks light the sky.

New Year’s Eve is a unique opportunity and one of the biggest night of this year, everyone! There are several New Year celebrations around the world, and here are the 10 best places to head to the beginning of 2012.

One of the first places on Earth to celebrate the New Year is New Zealand. This is certainly a far destination in the UK, but rewarding experience for tourists who are interested. There are many events that occur in the head, so that everyone who comes to see the New Year, we could be satisfied knowing that we had in 2012 a total of 13 hours in front of people back in England. New Zealand also has a warm climate, so another great reason to head south.

Sydney, Australia 2012 will reach about 2 hours behind New Zealand – still 11 hours before in the UK. The beautiful Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge to offer visitors to the port of Sydney the perfect backdrop for the fireworks that lit the sky, accompanied by music.

A city like New Year is celebrated Tokyo, Japan – 9 hours ahead of England. Many services in the city were closed during that period, but the celebration of the last few days and the whole city full of life. New Year’s Day it is traditional to visit a shrine or temple, where you will find a very festive atmosphere. Note that many resorts and restaurants will be closed.

In Barcelona, ​​Spain in the traditional way to toast the New Year is to eat 12 grapes, one for each chime of the midnight bell. Tokyo, Barcelona also detained for several days, with the parties throughout the week, and on January 5, a “Three Kings parade through the city streets.

Another hot spot in continental Europe in the New Year’s Eve in Paris, which is a great city to walk in the final hours of 2011 tick. Then at midnight, taking in the sights of Paris as light fireworks at the Eiffel Tower.

One hour after Paris, London, fireworks will start from the London Eye on the Thames. River city filled with hundreds of thousands of spectators who are interested in enjoying a 15-minute spectacle that began as Big Ben strikes midnight. If you rent an apartment in London be sure to find one with a view of the city so you can enjoy some champagne with a particular view of the romantic city.

5 hours behind England, New York came into the streets and the crowds in Times Square to see what has become a worldwide symbol of New Year’s – Times Square ball in New York. At the last minute this year falls on a descent ball 77 feet, and below that achieved marked the beginning of the New Year. It is believed that 1000 million people worldwide watch the ball drop on television.

If you have children and can stay awake until midnight and then Orlando Florida is a great place to drink, and enjoy it too. Early Head to one of the major theme parks in Florida and you’ll be set for a great day of fun followed by a big party and fireworks. Make sure not too late, because even close to the garden to avoid overcrowding.

8 hours behind the UK is Las Vegas, an oasis in the Nevada desert above. They do everything big New Year’s Eve, especially here. Head of the strip and you can experience the fireworks from the launch of 7 hotels as well as other events such as bike tricks of this year where a man jumped out of a Boeing 747 on a motorcycle – in the middle of the night. Plan in advance the hotels and casinos closed their doors, and the crowds that make it difficult to move.

If you want to hold on to 2011, provided that the head may, vacation homes in Hawaii, 10 hours behind the UK. You can spend all day watching the world celebrate the New Year, before finally having his own in one of the most beautiful tropical and Earth.


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