9 Aspect is Important Before Starting a Business

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All persons who have the desire, ambition and plans to start a business.its business. Be successful by understanding 9 important aspects before starting the business:

1. Understanding the Concept of Product or Service In Good

Before starting a business then the most important thing is our understanding product or service concept that will become the core business. We need to understand not technically only production but also the market and the prospect of beginning rather than the environment the smallest to the largest environments. This is important in analyzing the feasibility and prospects of products including products that are completely new to see the “human behavior”, and other market needs.

2. Creating a Business Vision and Mission

Everyone wants to start a business must know the vision and mission that will to guide a person to stay focused on business objectives and organizational the beginning. Often when a business begins to develop at a later stage failed because the organization did not focus on the increase in initial business progress, but too many try to develop new fields of endeavor. It’s each person will learn how to create a vision and mission in relation to personal background and knowledge business to be your path.

3. The necessity of “Winning, Positive Attitude & Learning” To Be Successful

Mental attitude is the key to the success of your business other than understanding your business. “There is no overnight success” something that should be kept in mind rather than any candidates for “entrepreneur” because it takes time, do not give up attitude, the learning process, and look at the issues in a positive that does not make you become discouraged but to look at every opportunity and learn from every failure. You will learn to develop the attitudes above to be “business entrepreneurs’ success.

4. Making the “Business Planning & Strategy” Which Will Effectively Avoiding Business

Instead of Business and Financial Risk. Statistically, almost all small and medium business failures caused by absence or lack of effective business plan that you create. Assumptions such as production capacity, the utilization rate of production, price increases and cost projections and other aspects of the business plan must describe accurately market realities or practices that exist within an industry. Calculations and systematics projected revenues and expenses should be made properly so that helps each candidate employers to calculate accurately the needs of capital investment and working capital including the fee structure for initial preparation, the experimental phase, production commercial, inventory, distribution, marketing, administration, human resources and also  components of operating revenues consisting of core and additional revenue. Comprehension well above this will also help prospective entrepreneurs to be identify potential business risks, financial and management measures and make control in order to avoid any risk.

5. Knowledge Base Management, Organization & Systems Business Will Avoid

Instead of Risk Management. Every effort of even the smallest need of good management to ensure the process of marketing, production, distribution and sale takes place with good. Poor management systems will lead to the unnecessary costs as raw material is wasted, unproductive workers because supervision ineffective and unclear job descriptions, coordination and communication between employees that are not effective, so many decisions are delayed, recruitment employees that are not effective, so many employees in and out and discard a lot of time and cost, which is not good training so that the productivity of employees who low and many organizational problems. This we will provide basic knowledge and those aspects are very important to studied by prospective business entrepreneur to avoid the risk management can lead to business failure.

6. Optimization of “Human Resources” So 50% of Your Business Already Successful.

Human Resources or HR is one key to business success is very important. Many experts are realizing that to start a business often when we recruit the right employees and potentially very well be close the weakness of management, organization and systems in the short term. With Appropriate human resources, we are already halfway to being successful. This will help us to understand the criteria of a good employee and in accordance with needs of business, human resource management in general, including the performance assessment system employees so that every employee will be satisfied and also how to motivate employees either general psychology or with incentives to optimize the performance of employees.

7. Why is “Creativity”, “Leadership” & “Decision Making Process”

Very Important? In general, any prospective business start entrepreneur will experience many problems and crises. Many failures occur because of a lack of creativity, leadership and making the right decision to find a good solution. Creativity such as “thinking Outbox” or the ability to analyze problems beyond the understanding of existing and finding creative alternative solutions that would be very helping your business to succeed. Creativity will also be helpful for you to customize your products to be accepted by the market and also see opportunities in building your business. Leadership is very important in crisis to make every employee and all the people involved in your business believe that you do not panic, become a “last resort” solution for all problems and become a role model. Decision Making Process will help you in finding alternative solutions and choose the best for businesses and organizations you. In this case you will find ways to develop creativity your business, leadership traits that match your personal background and how the process is correct in making decisions in every issue.  

8. Basic knowledge of Financial Management and FinancingUnderstanding of this aspect is very important in the development of your business. 

Production is often disrupted due to bad financial management such as shortage of funds for the purchase of raw materials, tools and other production. In This topic will be discussed on the basis of knowledge “Cash Flow” or the like of Cash Flows blood in the human body, the cost of financing, working capital financing and investment, capital structure, corporate assets, equity and others.

9. Marketing, Services & “Product Brand”

Marketing is spearheading the successful sales of products or services. As good as any product or service without good marketing it will be very difficult to increased sales and profits. On the other hand without good service to customers it will be very difficult an attempt to obtain customer Loyal is a key business development. With a loyal customer the marketing job will be easier because of good service will creating a “product brand” is good to prospective new customers. This is important in creating marketing strategies, identify the required customer service and how to create “product brand” and its effect on business success.


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