is The 20Th of December 2012 Doomsday Will Happen ?

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Maybe it’s just the end of the world as we know. No, the world will not explode or burst or completely destroyed in any form, in this case. 2012 is a new beginning, not the end.

There are many words about all this, from the Bible, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, the Mayans. In 2012 we will actually be able to experience heaven on earth. For some, this has already begun. We’ve experienced this change. There are many people on this earth who has risen from reality to reality 3D and 5 th Dimension. The Earth itself has risen from 3D to 5D. With the 5D space and time are different, there is the same way they do in 3D. This is why so many people have experience outside of what the “norm” is thousands of years.

Some people think that the financial crisis, etc. are very bad news. This is just a change, something different happens, do not have to be bad news. Everything is perception. Many people were forced to change the way they have been thinking, or how they have done something. Most of today’s world problems related to old ways of 3D collapse. This is a new beginning, not the end.

Jesus (or anything else related Ascended Master based on their religion or lack thereof), which will come. This is the Christ consciousness within us all. Jesus “man” to display only a day to save us. Not so. Consciousness of Jesus presents to us all once we realize that we have access to it. It is your own greatness, of his own consciousness of Christ that will save them. Your account that you are God. We ourselves are the second coming.

What makes things difficult is the separation of the divine light and love of all that. For years people have turned to religion, or a leader who tells us that the things that come out of ourselves. Those in power do not feel like we know that this power within us all. We are all one.

Speaking about the fires of hell and hell came to earth to those who do not accept Jesus in their lives are really in some ways but not in the literal sense that some organized religions would have you believe. It has to do with those who accept that they are the creators themselves. Those who can see and feel the greatness of their own actually creating heaven on earth for themselves and those around them.

Those who rely on (or “sect”), things in 3D reality – money and ego and external forces – in fact are in a hell on earth. Earth and the energy change, has changed. We as a species, we learn that we can create what we want here. This has nothing to do with ego and power. There are many on the earth today who are here to assist in this transition. Many Lightworkers are up and “get” here to help. A lot of really devoted his life to helping others to remember where they came from and what they are divine beings. The increase in the first wave ended. There are many teachers at the level of our planet now. Willing to help you realize that it is not trapped in 3D. Many people think that Jesus is the savior, as something separate from you, will come to rescue you from your life, your life, yourself, your perceived sins. God will not “make people go to hell.” What kind of love of God will make people really going to hell? If all you do is worship of money, control or power that will probably end up in hell itself. It will conduct its own (or destruction) yet. It’s not going to be something done to them.

Look at how things are now. The global financial crisis is huge. Any person who is very focused on, or love, money or energy on this point now in his personal hell. God obviously did not get there. It is the perception of time on earth who put them there.

They are suffering now just to look inside themselves in the consciousness of Christ, God in it. Attached to the old 3D reality and external worship things like money or power or ego that causes them to suffer. He always wanted to cause more suffering. It is not enough on earth to all people. Some say they do not believe … I had people tell me to my face that I am full of you know what you just said that.

The fact that, though …. at least my reality is that there is enough for everyone. If we take the greed, control, greed for external power is not enough distance.

Throughout the Bible states that God is in us all. Therefore, the love within us all.

Religion is the devil to scare the heck out of people. There was, and still is, those who do not want you to know your own greatness. They do not want you to know what they know. If everyone knows, there will be a balance. No one will be better, or richer than. Everyone just “being.”

Religion says that the devil “humiliated” because I want to be like God. What better way to make people reject their own greatness, his own connection with God. Scare the shit out of them so that when they begin to realize the greatness of their own, and not just “part of the Source (God)”, but the truth of (God) alone, the creators of their own life and spiritual journey, our fears and experience more of separation. Once people realize their greatness, no one will be able to control them. It was very scary for those who think that they have power over the masses.

Everyone is like God. We are all creators, God is love, we are all part of God. It is feared many people and there are several government and religion do not want people to know this, so they make things like Satan or the devil to scare people. They do not want the general public to be aware of their strengths, they will lose their place in society, in the 3D reality they have created for themselves. Imagine if everyone knows how much we are like God, as a part of God ….. nothing could be more control. No one would have the power to “create” fear us. God is love ….. The “devil” is fear.

Therefore, in 2012, the end of the world? I certainly hope it is the end of the world as we have known so far.

Do not fear change, embrace them. Connect with Source in your own way. Find and connect with their own inner consciousness of Christ, greatness itself.

When it’s done with love and not fear nothing but God and love can shine.

There are many things that happen. Being a psychic lightworker myself (because there is no better term), I know what to see and do, anyone can see and do. The biggest challenge is knowing that you can. It’s just a matter that is open to it and realize that we are all home.

Remember where it came from, remember that your divinity. Connect with your own Christ consciousness. Experience the joy each day feel love every day. Living with love, not fear what is happening in our land. Everything was fine …

My psychic life in British Columbia, Canada. I have been psychic since birth and have been doing psychic readings for others during the last 25 years. These psychic readings that help people to enhance their personal growth and help them realize their way of life. I am also half and often when I read that I had contact from the other side, whether a loved one who has gone above and spirit teachers and guides.


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