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I am very intrigued with this product so I bought one. It claims it can help boost your basal metabolic rate and helps you lose weight not to mention it has many other benefits like improvement in the cardiovascular health, stress reduction, improves sleep and so on. All of these sounds like a scam to me.

I found about Aurislim when I was browsing the web and accidentally find this site which sells magnetic acupressure slimming earrings. It is somewhat cheap at 35.90 USD only with 1 year money back guarantee which surprises me a lot. I bought one immediately since there is no harm trying with their money back and paypal processing services. 

It arrived around 10 days and was shipped from Singapore. I picked the flower design I thought it was black but it is wooden-brown in color and the device is made of stone-like thing which I cannot describe. It has 10 magnets inside it and they are not an ordinary magnet since its unipolar and it exerts a very powerful magnetism.

I wore it immediately. It says wear the device for 3 hour per day. Just an hour of using it I cannot bear anymore the pressure. Its not painful but it is kind of warm and heavy sensation. So I wore it 1 hour on the first day. Second day I wore it 1 hour as well. I guess I started wearing it for 3 hours at around the 2nd week already. 


Just the day after using it I really feel more energized and alert. I don’t know if its psychological only but I noticed it only happens when I wear the device atleast an hour everyday. At the 4th or 5th day I noticed that my body feels warmer than usual. I also noticed my sleeps are longer and better. Before It takes around an hour for me to make a sleep but now around 10 minutes is all I need to fall asleep.

I knew that the device was effective at week 3 when my friends told me that I lose a lot of weight. I didnt noticed it myself it was others that noticed it for me. I tried to weigh at week 3 and it was 172 lbs versus 187 3 weeks before. I haven’t change my caloric intake or daily routine so it is really because of Aurislim.


for only a few bucks with a secured guarantee I highly advice trying this product. It works great and you can really feel that it is actually working everyday. The benefits I noticed so far after 8th weeks of using it are weight loss, feeling more relaxed, more energy, better sleep and my mood became better and better each day. I haven’t verified if the company claims about lowering the BP is true since I never took my BP before nor after using the device. This product is worth every cent you will pay for it.   

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