Can You File Federal Taxes For Free

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The Internal Revenue Service may be one of the scariest government branches in the United States. This does not mean, however, that the IRS is not willing to help out households with a lower income. Every federal tax filing season, the IRS allows certain households to file taxes free of charge.

How to Find Free Federal Tax Filing

The Free File system is set up by the IRS. Free File allows many United States households to efile Federal income taxes without a charge to the household. The taxes are filed electronically so the household will need to use a public computer or personal computer in order to file the return. If using a public computer, make sure the Internet connection is secure before entering any personal information on the Free File IRS website.

Free File, located on the IRS Efile Website, opens for qualification around January 15th of every new year. The system prequalifies the household for the Free File system before they will be allowed to file their personal and tax information. After the information is uploaded to the IRS computer system, a myriad of checks and rechecks will take place in order to verify the authenticity of the federal tax return. Within 48 hours, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided with refunds being issued within 10 days of the acceptance of the federal tax return. The Free File system is available in both English and Spanish for easier tax preparation.

Other Free Federal Income Tax Filing

While the IRS places limits on the household income level qualifying for free Federal income tax filing, other companies like TaxAct do not place such limits on the process of free federal income tax filing. The TaxAct online efiling software allows everyone to file their Federal income tax returns for free. The only cost comes with the addition of a state income tax return onto the free federal income tax return.

There are various ways to file your Federal income taxes for free. Both the IRS Free File system and TaxAct use direct deposit and the efiling process in order to file returns more safely and deposit the return funds into the proper bank account in as little as 8 days. The Free File system is ideal for lower income households due to the lack of upselling on the website. The household will have no trouble filing a simple free federal tax return as long as they fall within the income guidelines. The TaxAct system, however, is ideal for households above the Federal income level allowed, but the patron will be presented with several add-ons or upsells during the process.


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