How to Make Money With Domain Names

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For those who want to know how to make money with domain names, there are several angles the entrepreneur can take. These include buying and selling expired domains and choosing hot domain names to resell.

Make Money With Expired Domain Names

Expired domain names were once held by a webmaster that either did not pay the bill or decided to let the website or domain name go. This results in the ownership of the domain name expiring and the name being placed up for sale. Depending on many factors, the price of these expired domains will vary widely. Learning how to make money with domain names starts with examining the expired domain auctions and sales. A simple search for expired domains will result in a list of websites that allow anyone to find the expired domain they wish to buy. These names are the heart of how to make money with domain names.

Once you have found the perfect expired domain name, you can purchase that name and get the money making ball rolling. Some domain names that have recently expired will have to be placed on backorder before the sale can be finalized. This backorder time allows the original owner the chance to pay for the domain name.

After you own the expired domain name, you will need to learn how to make money with domain names. These domain names can be sold, as is, on websites like Namepros or eBay. The page rank and traffic of the website comes along with the domain name, so you could have an instant profit if the website has even a little traffic and a great domain name.

Make Money With Original Domain Names

Learning how to make money with domain names does not have to mean taking the time to backorder a domain. On the contrary, if you have a great imagination and you follow a few rules, you can purchase a domain name and then sell that domain. In order to see a profit, you need to keep track of all the money you have placed into the new domain name before the sale. The idea is to buy small and charge small. The best profits are made by selling hundreds of website domains instead of selling one name for a huge amount of money.

When choosing the domain name, make sure it ends in a .com. This is the default ending for Internet browsers so if the visitor types in http://name it will immediately end in .com. The domain name also needs to be relatively easy to understand and contain only short words without hyphens or special characters. This will increase the value of the website domain.

After acquiring the domain name, you can immediately try to sell the domain name or add a bit of contain related to the name and sell the content and the domain name as a complete package. Some people spend significant time marketing their domain names simply to sell the domains after a short period of time. This is why keeping track of the money spent on the domain name is so very important.

Understanding How to Sell

Let’s talk about the hidden aspects of how to make money with domain names. Even if you catch a great domain name buy and you sell the domain name for a profit, that will mean nothing if you do not understand how to move the domain to a new server or change the name registration to the new owner. Learning how to move a domain is just as important as learning how to make money with domain names.


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