Success And Failure of Google In 2011

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In 2011 has brought many successes and failures for Google. In particular, the greatest success of Google is thai it had escaped from a giant in the field of online search, a “hero” multi-sector technology.

Here are some of, or failure of Google in 12 months, according to the introduction of technology TechRadar page.


1. Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

The success of Android has been certified and the latest version of ICS promises to create more changes to the user. Since this time, there were many believers Android is watching eyes wait on the ICS version.

2. Android Phone

As of last November, the Android phones are up to 52% smartphone market share in the array, far beyond the iPhone OS.Looking from the perspective of sales, it now has 60 million Android smartphones sold, compared to 17 million iPhone OS products.

3. Google +

Google’s new social network is really a great success for reaching 25 million users in just a few weeks after launch, while Facebook took three years to achieve these impressive figures.

4. Online search market share

Despite the efforts of Microsoft, the online search market share of Google is growing. According to reports from ZenithOptimedia, Google’s market share in this area has increased from 72% in 2006 to 85% this year.

5. Google Maps

Google Maps features built on the Android operating system makes users feel like living in the future world. You can look in detail at the major airports, supermarkets and the building you are standing.

6. Google Music

Google Music has received the welcome of Android users.Google Music is seen as a counterpart of iTunes from Apple. It works very well on Android tablet.

7. Bletchley Park

Google has contributed significantly to the restoration of Bletchley Park, the computer system that began with World War II exclusively used to decrypt the information. According to an official from Google, Bletchley Park is considered the achievements inspire the best and most influential in the field of science and technology for hundreds of years.

8. Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser is becoming more popular than Firefox, with 25.69% of global browser market share. Users should remember that technology, in 11/2009, Chrome’s market share is only 4.66%.

9. Advertising costs

In 2011, Google has spent more money for the business and advertising. According to Kantar Media, the amount Google spent on television ads in six months in 2011 was 4 times the total expenditure in 2010 and successfully brought this campaign is not small, such as “Dear Sophie “.

10. Business advertising

One of Google’s business is advertising and years, revenues from this segment is still good. Google’s share of global ad market has increased 44.1% from 34.9% in 2006.

And the damage

1. Google Wallet

Google Wallet Wallet is based on NFC protocol and pay online.However, the U.S. Verizon has a severe cold water on claims when Google Wallet will not allow this application to appear on the phone Samsung Galaxy Nexus, if Google does not offer the best security cover user testing of this product.

2. Google TV

Google has significant outlay in this area but have not succeeded.

3. Chrome OS

Operating system Chrome and Chromebook is really the major failure of Google. According to tech site DigiTimes, our sales have only reached a mere 30,000 products.

4. Google +

This social network is a success of Google this year, but also a major defeat, by number of users actually too small compared to the number registered.

5. Google Labs, Wave, Buzz and Health

Google is continually broken up with these projects.

6. Electronic books

Amazon, Barners & Noble has relied on the Android platform, offering its own version of the tablet with their reading application.Thus, these devices will not come with the application or the Google payment system.

7. Patents of Android

One thing is incredible, Microsoft make more money from Android than from Windows Phone. The reason is that the company received a license fee on every Android device sold.

8. The redesigned

Google has spent no little time this year to redesign its services, but the results are mixed good and bad, and the number of users will not change much.

9. SOPA and India

Google and several other Internet companies are facing increasing pressures on the content censored by the U.S. bill SOPA. But in India, the giant is in trouble because of religion.

10. European Union (EU)

EU plans to investigate Google, derived from a suspect’s algorithm detrimental to other competitors. Previously, Microsoft also cost hundreds of millions of pounds to a similar survey.


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