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Pintrest is the newest social network to take the world by storm, quickly allowing people to share all sorts of information to create a “dream board” of sorts, to show the world all the things they love, desire, and enjoy. Though it is still in “invite-only” status, it had an estimated 3.3 million visitors in October 2011 alone, and the number is still climbing.

Can Your Business Benefit from Pintrest?

Before you can start using Pintrest as your newest traffic source, the important thing to focus on is whether or not your business will really benefit from it. People visiting Pintrest are looking for things such as: recipes, décor ideas, and crafts you can do at home. Ideally, your business should either find a way to make this target audience work, or leave Pintrest to others.

Want to tap in on this success? Here are a few tips to help you get started. If you do not already have an invitation, reach out to members of your social network to see if anyone has one to send.

Take Time to Interact and Build Your Own Pintrests

No one has ever become an instant success with mega conversions on a social network overnight. It takes time, effort, and sincere networking and relationship building to be seen as credible; regardless of whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pintrest. Find people in your network who are already using Pintrest and follow their lead to reach out to new connections.

Connect Pintrest to Your Other Social Networking Profiles

Since Pintrest is so new, many people may not be aware of it yet. Send people to Pintrest with your other social networking profiles, and offer to send invites to people who are not involved with the network yet. Creating link wheels between your Pintrest profile and all your other profiles will help strengthen your “Google Juice” and credibility.

Promote More Than Yourself

As a business out for more sales, it can be mighty tempting to only focus on promoting your products and services. People are going to get bored with you quick, and stop following you, if this becomes the case. Share, and share alike, and give back to your followers by helping to promote their pins, or just pinning things you find because you know they will appeal to them.

Use the KISS Method: Keep It Simple, Sweetie!

One of the most appealing things about the Pinterest social network is that it is very easy to use. All you really have to do is click to pin or re-pin something! Don’t overcomplicate it. The look of the site is simple, and clean, with each photo on the board being the same size. Each photo links back to the site it came from, and can increase the traffic back to your site.

Keeping these things in mind as you start to use Pintrest will make the experience very pleasant for all users. Be creative and think outside the box. This could eventually become a very large source of traffic for your business.


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