5 Ways to Become Happier Parents

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Being a mother is not easy task. However, it does not mean this role cannot be enjoyed or bring stress. If you think back a year to undergo a serious role as a parent, change these conditions a year ahead. There are many ways you can do to ease your task so that it can better enjoy the role of mothers, better and happier.

1. Playing games. Perhaps this sounds childish, but this activity can help you slightly reduce fatigue. When playing games, especially when involving children, you also can while chatting with your child. Wendy Hart Beckman, a mother who came from Cincinnati, said the best way to be able to have conversations with their children is when they’re playing video games together. By doing this, you not only can eliminate boredom, but also helps you spend an enjoyable time with their children while controlling their activity.

2. A diary. “When things go wrong, I immediately poured my heart’s content in a diary at once write down what happened and why did it happen,” I am Christine Louise Hohlbaum, a mother who came from Painzhausen, Germany. Writing out the various rhythms of life, ranging from irritated, sad, happy as a parent, can help you solve problems and keep abreast of the children. With this activity, you can control at once find a way out, it also reduces some burden you with a better way. Of course, writing a diary is more positive than the vent emotions to children. Write everything in the diary is also a productive way to handle frustration.

3. Hanging out with friends. Every now and then take your time together with your friends. In addition to eliminating fatigue, gather with friends at the same time you can also teach children about the importance of friendship. Keeping together with friends is very difficult to do when the kids were little. However, that’s when you need your friends to get together and share stories. Take some time to have dinner together at a restaurant or in your home.

4. Let the kids make their own choices. As a mother, you would know the best for your children. However, it was not all kids like and easy to set up. Often you must be a little stubborn and impose the will of him. However, there is no harm in occasionally to follow his own will, for example, for clothes or shoes. By doing this, indirectly you are helping children develop independence and confidence. Children who are always set and had no freedom of choice, untrained independent and tend not confident.

5. Being assertive. Being a good parent does not mean to obey all the wishes of children, much less spoiled. Often a child whining to ask for various items they want and you reject it. However, what do you do then? If you eventually complied so that he could not keep whining, you should not repeat this way next year. Being a great mom does not mean that you have to constantly spoiling children, but led him into a better person. Be firm with the children and make clear rules for the good of the child, as well as yourself.


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