How To Make Your Car Odor-Free

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Instead of shame, it helps you pay attention to some of these tips.
Unwittingly, some habits are carried out within the car into the base of the onset of the problem was pleasant aroma. Examples of eating and drinking habits to smoking. To be more clear, here are some things you should avoid.

First, spills of food and beverage stains. This usually happens to those who have small children. The part that is often affected by the spill stains can you check in the back seat. Be careful if mixed with humid temperatures and minimal air, spots that are not immediately cleaned in time they will issue a pleasant aroma. Therefore, try to look at the carpet and upholstery, then if found immediately wash with water and then aerated in the sun. When cleaning carpet, try to do as often as possible, especially the front carpet. Because on the carpet before that hole suction air conditioned cabin is located. If the front carpet is dirty, then of course be sucked dust blower so that the AC would be mixed with a bad odor.

Second, the smell of cigarette smoke. Usually after smoking, the smell will remain attached to the leather upholstery, carpet, and dashboard in the car. This causes the car cabin smelled. In fact, car deodorizers were not immune to it. And the best is to avoid smoking in the car. Clean the dashboard by rubbing the surface with a soft checkers evenly with a mixture of water and liquid soap taste. Do not press too hard because it is likely to create a dashboard scratched. Then immediately wipe with a damp cloth so that soap does not dry up which could make the spots on the dashboard. When parked, find a shady spot or use protection to cover the windshield to protect your dashboard from the sun. Because the incoming sunlight will increase 2-fold compared to the temperature of the temperature outside the car, which causes cracked dashboard.
Third, the water droplets of water conditioning. Water droplets wet the carpet a little damp smell which can also interfere with the comfort while driving. To avoid this, quickly dry the carpet in the sun.

Fourth, check baggage. Sometimes there are a few items left in the trunk and you forgot to remove it. Call it, such as sports shoes, bathing suits, wet, until the smell of food can sting up to the car cabin. To overcome this baggage leave the door open for a while. It aims to remove the smell and the cabins have air circulation to dissipate odors and humid air. Nothing wrong with the fresh fragrances also spray the trunk before the door closed again.


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