Passenger lands plane in Florida after pilot dies

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Doug White and his family have benefited from good to just take off and climb into the clouds as the pilot of his twin-engine aircraft guidance of the head tilted back and made a guttural sound.
The pilot, Joe Çabuk was unconscious. And even if the white had his pilot’s license, has never flown an airplane of this size.
“I need help. I need a King Air pilot to talk to. We are in trouble,” he radio.
Then he went to his wife and two daughters: “You all pray hard.” Behind him, his wife was shaking. Sixteen years, “said Bailey. Eighteen years, Maggie vomited.
Blanco, 56, landed the plane on their own about 30 minutes later, through the coaxial cable harrowing trial by air traffic controllers to describe exactly how the security apparatus. The pilot died, but never white.
When the driver asked him if he was on autopilot, White replied: “I am in good hands of the Lord is flying Guard Delta Whiskey” by the code of the aircraft. 
White has recorded about 150 hours flying a single engine Cessna 172 recently, but had no flying experience faster, bigger King Air. Declared an emergency to air traffic controllers – White knew how to use the radio. Sunday afternoon, received his first lesson of the landing of the nave.
They were on the way back from Marco Island, where he went after his brother died of a heart attack the week before. White is the owner of the King Air aircraft and leases as part of his company, Archibald, La.-White Equipment Leasing LLC.
White earned his pilot license in 1990, but he said he had spent 18 years before recently started flying again.
White’s wife, try removing the driver’s seat – a fear that the success and crisis control.
But the space was too small. His wife could not remove it. This is related to new, white and sitting on the side of controls in place.
White knew he had to stop at 10,000 feet, but it seemed that thousands of feet up higher.
Flying Cessna, White said he has never been above 7000 feet.
White has tried to stay calm and listen to air traffic controllers, as relayed instructions.
“This is a centered fear,” he says. “And I was in a kind of an area that I can not explain it.”
One of the air traffic controllers called a friend in Connecticut certified to fly in the King Air, Kari Sorenson 43 years. Sorenson’s checklists flight manuals and leaves the design of the cab and instructed the driver. The driver relayed the process of Blanco.
Sorenson told the New Haven Register has not been in a King Air in 1994 – but he still had all the manuals, and it became easier.
“After 3500 hours on a plane back to you quickly enough,” said Sorenson, who has more than two decades of flying experience.
At one point, White said he had tried to return to the autopilot, but the design of the north, as had been planned Çabuk to the destination of the flight to Jackson, Miss. They had planned to testify on White there, where he had left his truck and have Çabuk continues at home in Louisiana with the rest of the family.
The main white flight of the aircraft to navigate through the descent.
“When I touch, if you touch the ground, I just killed the throttle, or what?” He asked.
“Exactly,” replied the pilot. “When you ask, gently kill the throttle.”
Security, which landed shortly after 2 pm, EMTS and fire trucks were waiting on the ground.
“Looks good from here,” said Driver. “Good job.”
White said that for about 30 minutes trying to revive Çabuk the pilot.
The medical examiner office has not determined the cause of death.
One day after the trial, White said he could never do without the aid of air traffic controllers.
“I sincerely thank you,” he said. “They do not make enough money, do not get enough respect for what they do.”


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