Tech Companies And Their Ceo @ 2012

Last year, we saw competition for the consumer dollar in the technology space heighten. But competition is set to get more intense this year. What can major Tech companies and their CEO do about this?

One of the biggest news this year will be that the social media giant, Facebook, is planning an initial public offering (IPO) for this year 2012. There are some whispers in the wind indicating that a more realistic date would be around 4th quarter of the year. Market observers however indicate that this will happen sometime before July.  Mr Mark Zuckerberg the current chief executive officer of Facebook is worried about the damage an IPO can do to the company. Mr Zuckerberg is concerned about keeping Facebook employees around long enough after the IPO to complete certain key product developments.  The after effects of a rushed IPO can be pretty harsh on Facebook when they have to face shareholders’ short term desires versus the company’s own long term goals. Market pundits say that Facebook’s valuation may reach up to over US$100 billion. 

Former eBay CEO Ms Meg Whitman has replaced Leo Apotheker as Hewlett Packard’s new chief executive officer. Hewlett Packard is at a critical situation right now and they will need renewed leadership to hopefully restore the credibility of the storied Silicon Valley firm. Industry analyst says that Meg Whiteman might not be the best fit for HP. Shareholders are impatient to see results and thus may not give her enough time to put the company on the growth path.

Mr Tim Cook is currently the chief executive officer of Apple. Business for Apple has often been on a very successful roll with the iMac computers, iPad, iPod and iPhone devices. Despite the many success stories that Apple currently enjoys, many industry analysts believe that Apple is slowly losing its mojo. The current difficulty lies on whether or not Mr Cook is able to continue the company’s growth and at the same time, convince all the consumers in the world that the new Apple company will be as successful as the time during Mr Steve Job’s era.

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