Super-Busy Simon Says "Maybe" He Will Leave Idol

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Apparently, even Simon Cowell is mortal.
The man who brings a little something for American Idol, the pond in its predecessor, X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, began to wonder if you can keep the candle burning on the three objectives. And this is not taken in his work as music producer.
“I do not want to come as whiney because I’m very grateful that I have these jobs,” Cowell told the British Daily Mirror. “But there is one point on which I’m sure we can have this schedule. I’m not sure we can get three shows per year, [and]with a record label and production company for television.”
Cowell three concerts at the same time, they have to making four transatlantic flights per week. Therefore, “One may have to do.”
At first glance, suggests that Cowell Idol would be reduced, if only by process of elimination and simply by geography.  
“I can not imagine not doing Britain’s Got Talent, and I can not imagine not doing X Factor,” he says. “I think [my show]United States is more likely that, because I have a year [left in the]contract. Perhaps this is the end.”
Not that Cowell plans to return on foot, should be free all the time. Instead, he says, “I have an idea of launching a new show next year. But I can tell you what it is? Absolutely not.”
What takes you, Idol worshipers? Would you continue to see if the jury was without Simon?
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