Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Kerala Travel Pleasures

The flora and fauna here is very attractive of those noticed in the zone of Western Ghats of the Indian subcontinent. The beautiful environment and lush jungles give lots of explanation why holidaymakers seems this destination as heaven who travels the dazzling spots of God’s country . with superb evergreen plantation of coffee, the region of Wayanad Wildlife has most exciting backdrops and a beautiful ambience. Rose wood, anjili, mullumurikku and caussia are like rarer plants found here and tourists from outside of country specially comes here to research and see this rarer plants. Also the silver oak is popular plant in this beautiful jungle. The fact of oak trees growth immediate and observed surrounding the plantations of coffee. Pepper is another plantation in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary  which is used in plywood industry and silver oak is also used in plywood industry.Holidaymakers also found areca nut and jackfruits in the Wayanad Wildlife Park, apart from having lots of coffee plantations Wayanad has the perfect weather for horticulture which is taken as commercial basis. Vegetables and orchards are also broadly develop here and for different animals Wayanad region is too famous.

Tourists also like you can see some beautiful and exciting wild animals such as monkeys, bonnet monkeys, hares, loris, jungle cats, elephants, jackals, squirrels, mongooses and many more animals moving here and there freely. Tourists who can visit Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary also capable to visit Tamil Nadu and Karnataka sanctuaries located border of this wildlife park. These wild animals moves freely one state to other state. The Muthanga forests and the Begur forest area which located extremely close to Sulthan Bathery which situates nearby Wayanad is a wonderful region of variety of animas.

While in this beautiful sanctuary never hesitate to spend at least one day the India’s best sanctuary parks called as the Silent Valley and Mouthing Wildlife.
In 1973 the wayanad wildlife sanctuary was built and later this park belongs to Bandipur zone of Karnataka state and the Nagarhole in the area of northwestern and south part of Mudumalai. The other great sightseeing in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is plethora of biodiversity which is great area of the Niligiri Biosphere Reserve. With fauna and flora, the Wayanad Wildlife zone is a strange conservation area and the native tribals that add plus point to all domestics and international tourists. Holidaymakers likes very much elephants rides, I can say people from every corner of world comes here only elephant ride purposes. The all territory is controlled and administrated by State Government Forest Department.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary’s fine-looking hillocks and rising and falling terrain the karottimala is the longest peak in this beautiful region coverage more than 1158m. Most of jungles in this beautiful park are half evergreen and deciduous jungles. Holidaymakers like you observed different categories of trees, venteak, the vengal and the bamboo in this wonderful park.

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