Travel: How To Make The Most In Las Vegas

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You should plan your time wisely so you can get the best deals as well as space to do things. There’re many people in Vegas and there could be long lines, full show and crowded streets. You might be frustrated with the crowd during the holiday like Christmas and New Years. If you’re new to Vegas, you have to plan ahead so you can avoid traffic, crowds, and long lines.

If you visit during the winter then the weather is cool and you can go out during the day but if you visit during the summer then it’s best that you stay inside the casino in the daytime and then wander the street in the night time. The weather can be over a 100F in the summer and you can feel it on your skin. You want to stay inside the casino with full air conditioning. The night time during the summer is not that bad and it’s cool enough if you want to walk on the street.

When you’re in Vegas, you should have a list of the things that you want to do and the shows that you want to see. You have to look at them in advance for timing so that you don’t miss any show. You also want to make a list of casinos or nightclubs that you want to visit. A list will help keep you organized. If you don’t know the area well, you should go to google and read reviews about hotels and casinos to see where you can get the best deals. Reviews are very valuable when you want to choose a hotel, a show, or a restaurant. For example, some adult club will overcharge you and you can’t walk out of a club saying “no.” It’s mandatory that you pay them the amount that they come up and it can be high. There’re some reviews of people who went to some adult club and have to pay $800 for an hour of dancing when they thought it was less than that. The price is high in some of the things that you do here in Vegas so you should read the reviews well of each place that you want to attend.

You can start your day with a great breakfast buffet and Rio is a great buffet. After you have your breakfast you can walk the casino floor and gamble a little bit if you’re into gambling. When you play during the day, there’re more tables available and less crowds. You can visit some of the lounges or pools because the pools are amazing. You can get in with your hotel pass. If you want to swim then this is a great time to go before it gets dark. The water fall is amazing in the pool. There’re many people there too. When the evening comes, you can attend a show or a dinner with a show. The shows are amazing here during the night time on the strip. You can watch the Pirate show at Treasure Island for free. Many nightclubs open at 8pm and you can go clubbing with your friends, each casino has its own club. You should go to bed after the end of the night so you can be up the next day. The nightlife is exciting here too if you want to sleep in the day time and go out in the night time. One of the best night club here in Vegas is Tryst at the Wynn’s. The Wynn is a nice casino with great services. The Tao nightclub at the Venetian is one of the best too. People love the Tao as well as many celebrities. When you’re in Vegas, you need to have an organized list and places to go so you’ll have the best time without too much problems.


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