The Neglected But The Cleaner

A few days ago, the rain lashed continues for days, ranging from drizzle to heavythis situation takes place almost every day it seemsa puddle of water occurs every where. Not unexpectedly, the latrines (latrinesalso become filled with watereach time pouring the water must be shitting a bit much.Ahthis must be filled because of the water because of rain latelycan no longer be toleratedshould be drained.
Everytime the rain that lasts a long timemust have been filled with toilet watercould not help wondering,how the people who make it oncedefinitely think about the effects of floodingWithout thinking, I call officers latrine drains tool (WC).

In my heart murmur,ifno one is going to bed raining or cleaningthe toiletwhat would happen.They are so swiftopen and insert pipe sephitank then turn on the pump and suck up the dirtfeel so greatif I may say sowhether past,his childhood, there are aspiring to be come officer slatrine, it is notand if they do not want to work like thatit’snot.They did not noble‘ (dirtybut their work noblebecause they want to clean the dirt that was not himfelt deeply moved to see it, if in their minds there are thoughts like this.Why do I bother doing all ofthisMy dirt in stead.Or have their own naggingBasic human, just a thinker him self alone.Just do not care?.

As if struck by thousands of stun, I was surprisedit was mylack of gratitudeWorking with an air-conditioned room, the smell of fragrantstill complaining about the amount of workbusy here and there are many reasons when added to the workor fun in front of the computer when the job is long done, and even then without having to inhale the unpleasant smelldirtydisgustedno sweatMy head feels do not stop to thinkwork has been so steadydecent paycheck, should complainWhe the rit’s dirty jobWhich only gives fragranceWhich is worth more?Not a prestigious jobnot a lot of moneyless, less that, ahhha lot of flavor.

Where is the gratitude that,but everydaypray,compulsoryfivetimes,was added sunna again if not lazybut it feels gratitude and passed byHow to be grateful that? Do have tobe like the mor I’m willing to accept any thing that plagued me even though do not likeI do not know!

If have lowered lowering lowest possible degreeit seems no man wants to clean the dirt of others without even condescendingwhat cantake from all thisLessons or just what kind of emotion they can feel from methis manas a man who never dirty fun will still complain that the surrounding circumstances.

My conscience says smugly,“do not everthink that this job requires hard thinkingprecision sharpcomfortable silenceI understand completely what the obligations and responsibilities, but is there in our minds, a little hint a sense of personal hygiene or at least not littering,so that their task does not become increasingly heavy and dirty. Whenthere are among us to answerthat it has become their responsibility and they paid for ityesindeed it’s their jobbut with their presence at least we are not to bother cleaning it. We realize that our job is dirtthat we waste everydayshould we waste our own or clean themselveswhether because of moneywe can apply against their wishes?

knowwho I amtried to dig deeper on the sensitivity around and someone.Given all thisI can only pray that their hearts are always provided stead fast, to be always there to clean the dirt, never changed his mind to strikeAs with our left handalways gets the dirty jobalways harassed as the dirtiest hands simply because they want to clean the dirtyalways pray that they never thought that they were less fortunateand I am the lucky oneRemove dirt, there must be clean up.

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