Pirates vow to avenge deaths after U.S. Navy Seals free Captain Richard Phillips

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A great cry of anger, coupled with the vows of revenge, got up pirate lairs hidden throughout the Horn of Africa after Captain Richard Phillips rescue.
“Our friends should have done more to kill the captain before being killed. It is a good lesson for us,” JAMAC Habeb, a 30-year-old attacker, told the Associated Press in the port of the Year, a Somali pirate hub.
“Now, if the capture of foreign vessels in their respective countries and try to attack us, kill us [the hostages].”
Somali pirates generally treat their hostages and to ensure they get their ransom. Some warned that changed after the U. S. Navy Somali Pirates killed three of France and Friday in an attack command captured yacht killed two others.                                                                                             
“The French and Americans to repent of this murder,” a pirate named Hussein told Reuters. “We will do something for someone we see as the french or America, for the moment.”
Some might fear retaliation against the hijackers over 200 marine operations.
In Harardhere, a major stronghold of Somali pirates, residents gathered in the street to worry about attacks by foreign armies.
“We are concerned especially for revenge against hackers could make new attacks by foreign vessels, perhaps of our people,” said shop owner Haji Abdullahi Jama.

The pirates are surely due for some trouble because of what they said. The pirates might attack anything including curise ships, trade ships and any other ships. Since they vowed for revenge, we all need to watch out for any odd looking ships that will attack any important ships. The pirates are very very very evil.


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