LOL – Blonde Joke

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A couple of ladies, one blond and one brunette, were chatting with each other via IM the night before THE BIG prom. One thing leads to another, and another leads to one, and they gradually talk about swearing.
“Kevin would so not sleep with you, Elisa…”
“F8ck you, Julie! You don’t know anything about my sex life.”
“That’s right, Julie! F8ck you, not F*ck you! In your face-what?? You gonna tell your mommy to tell Kevin I’m a meanie?”
“No, I’d just ask you why you’d both to censor something when no one else is going to read this.”
“Oh, Julie. Get on my level. You’re like such a dumb brunette!”
(Another pause)
“Like who on earth would honestly censor the f word with a u? SOOOO retarded…”
(Another pause)
“Good night, Elisa.”

More blond jokes will be coming out…please stay tuned.  Thank you all – these do not reflect, by the way, personal prejudices towards people with blonde hair (however contradictory that may sound), but more mere fun.  If you are offended by such jokes, my sincerest apologies, though I do wonder why you were viewing it in the first place.

Anyway, if you enjoyed it, please, by all means, leave me a comment and tally (a.k.a rating).  If you didn’t, I’d still appreciate the comment, even if you will give me an extremely low rating…:P

Also, if you have any blonde jokes (that are original-please, no stale ones), I am more than happy to accommodate you.  Just leave me a comment (as you still can’t send messages via Bukisa), and I’ll get back to you (also through comment form) as soon as possible.  Thanks for reading!

-Fresh Writing


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