The Piano Girl

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The Piano Girl

Sweet symphony floated through the air, the sky turned blue and the sun shone happily as each note was played with grace and softness. Playing in the great emporium, sitting on the piano bench which was engraved with stones and glitter was every child’s honour in the 1850’s.  Elena was dresses in an extravagant gown, blue in color, stitched for a perfect 14 year old like Elena.  Every note she played was appreciated by the audience.

The concert ended with a round of applause and cheering from the crowd.

“That was fabulous! You are like a natural” her friends complemented

“Thank you, but I think that there’s something mysterious in that piano. Every time I play it I feel like I am in a whole new place” she replied

The friends ignored her, as usual and accompanied her to their two storey house which greeted them with a huge chandelier in the living room. Elena’s mother was a 30 year old widow. Both of them shared the same green eyes and blonde hair.

They had a wonderful dinner, followed by apple pie. Everyone was enjoying the feast but the pianist’s mum noticed that her daughter was feeling uncomfortable. They had their usual talk after the dinner but her mother responded as she always had.

“You must be exhausted, darling, have a rest”

Elena was sure there was something peculiar about the piano which her mother knew. She’s always see a man dressed in a tuxedo and a flower in his pocket but it always vanished after a few seconds, not letting her have a glimpse of the ballroom he was standing in. And what was that book about the piano in her mum’s room which she was never allowed to touch.

Later on in the night, she went into her mother’s bedroom. The door was ajar and she could hear a voice talking in low whispers. Curious, she tried to listen to the conversation taking place in the telephone. Her mum was talking about the Piano.

“Elena is starting to discover the mystery, mother” her mum talked through the phone

“But I have got to tell her, after all it’s her right and who knows she might be the one to bring her father back” she talked again

“Elena? Is that you” her mum asked when she caught a glimpse, muttering something, she hung up.

That night her mum told her everything about the piano and how some people think that a great pianist can see their beloved’s and bring them back.

“But no one has ever tried, and don’t you dare try, young lady or there’ll be great consequences”. Her mother warned

“But…….”Elena continued.

“The person you see may be your dad and you may be blessed with that power but your father has died and that’s a fact, KEEP THAT IN MIND” her mother warned.

The show was a week away; the girl had been practicing a long time for the great finale and was more than just excited.

Once again entering the great Emporium, she saw hundreds of spectators seated. She took her seat on the piano bench and the sweet melody danced in the air but suddenly a dark blue light with a shadow appeared on the piano, mesmerizing her. His hand rested on hwe shoulder, gaze fixed on her eyes. Elena stood still, too shocked to scream. He was still dressed in the same clothes she had seen him the last day. His scent embraced her, reminding her of old days when she  used to sit in his lap, learning the notes of piano.

“Father, is that you?” she murmered.

“Elena, I love you and remember me” he replied as his shadow began to fade

“Father, come back! We miss you, we all mis you” she pleaded for an answer. All this time, she hadn’t realized that she had stopped playing the piano and the crowd was looking at her expectantly and curiously.

“Father, take me with you. Father, please, I beg you” she shouted

Had it been once in his lifetime that her father hadn’t listened to her, had been that her father hadn’t fulfilled her wish? Weather it be insane?


There was a loud gasp from the crowd and the girl was nowhere to be seen.

The affliction of the pianist’s dies- appearance is still mirrored through the generation. From that day, not once has the piano been touched, covered in a blanket of dusts and cobwebs reminding of ‘Elena, the piano girl’.


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