How to Make Money Using A Search Engine

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Use this link to sign up for Scour.  It is a website that pays you to search, comment on the sites you search, as well as rate the searches you got.  This comes in handy for other searchers looking for sites.

This is Scours site. It is a search engine that pays you to search, rate your search results, as well as comment on them. Do all these things to maximize your earnings.

Register. This includes your email, username, address, and other identification information. This allows you to get paid for doing all your searches.  Scour wants to make sure you are a real person and not a bot using the site and abusing the fact that they are willing to pay you to search and make their website work.  So do not try to fool the system, they will catch you.

Confirm Email. This is purely for verification and allows you to access the site.

Set Scour as your homepage or download the toolbar for easy search access. Make sure to replace your current search toolbar with it.

Get your referral link so you can invite your friends. You get 25% of what they do so refer as many of your friends as you can. This will make you even more money.   Referring Friends is very easy and using sites like Bukisa or advertising on paid to click sites is also a way to find a lot of referrals.  The more referrals you have, the more money you will make.

Good Luck and Happy Searching


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