Enchanting London

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Think of a city where you can sit in a frozen pub at minus five degree and enjoy a dip of your favorite drink. A city where stands cathedrals and castles that is hundreds of years old. A city that has one of the most complex underground railway systems in the world. A giant wheel that is about four hundred feet high can be found here. Unbelievable but true. There is a city with all this and it is London. There are perhaps very few cities in the world where you can get all this at the same time.

Well London cannot be imagined without its Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, and the London Bridge. These have been the symbol of London for years. They are a must visit for any traveler. Buckingham Palace is open to the public from August to September. The guests can feel the richness and the grandeur of the British Royalty. The garden at the Buckingham Palace is equally enchanting. The flowers that bloom here are rarest and offer the tourists a great experience. The world’s third tallest clock known as the Big Ben is very close to the palace. The Piccadilly Circus and the Marble Arch are also worth a visit and are considered as archeological marvels. Apart from these famous buildings there are various old buildings, houses and castles in and around London that can be explored. They never fail to fascinate the tourists.

Perhaps London is the only city where you can find both modern and old constructions. The London eye is a four hundred feet high giant wheel. It has forty cars that can accommodate twenty five people at a time. It is a thirty minute ride. At night the London eye is lit with lights. Champagne is served on board. The view of London from this giant wheel is mesmerizing. The next on the list of modern architecture is the London Dome; it is the largest in the world. ‘The Gherkin’ is another specimen of modern architecture. It is a forty floor high building. The design is unique and a landmark in modern architecture. On the fortieth floor there is a restaurant that revolves and gives a 360 degree view of London. The guests can enjoy a great meal along with an enchanting view.

Dining in London is a pleasure. The variety of cuisines available is absolutely unbelievable. There are restaurants that are ranging from a small coffee shop to the most expensive restaurants you can think of. The most recommended would be Le Caprice, the Ivy, and the J. Sheekey. The expensive places to eat would include names like Ledbury, Veeraswamy, etc.

These are the various activities that one must do when in London to make the most of their stay. I hope this will guide you to plan a better stay at London. Happy planning a London Holiday!


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