Lemur Lady

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Gwen answered the phone.  It was Karl’s cell not her’s but she answered and told the caller that Karl was not ready to discuss the election nor was she, and the phone went dead.  Whether the caller was going to discuss politics or invite Karl to an orgy was not known.  What was known is that Gwen had decided.

Before he married, Karl could talk for hours on a phone.  Talk about every subject and talk to different people.  Since he married he rarely answered the phone unless one called from an unknown number.  Then he’d answer in a kind of business voice, and when he heard the voice of a person who had been his friend he’d cut the conversation short.

Often he’d answer when surrounded by his mewling brats so that the caller obviously couldn’t get a word in between the cries of Dad-dee…and his answers to the child.  Not to the caller.

This was learned behaviour.  Gwen taught him this.  Gwen taught him to put the children first.  She did it by a kind of objective whine and repittion so that he was virtually hypnotised. 

As all Lemur Ladies, Gwen didn’t get into the one on one argument.  Gwen didn’t lay down any rules.  Gwen never made Karl feel that he was a Zombie.  He thought he wore the pants. 

Before meeting Gwen Karl never attended church once he reached the age his parents couldn’t drag him.  Gwen was an avid church goer.  First she attended a different denomination to that of his parents.  Realising that Karl could get out of that engagement she switched to the same as his mother so he had no way out.  He became an avid church goer.

Gwen learned how to become a Lemur. Learned how to control a man by seeming to do nothing.  She always got her way, no matter what it was.  And one of her first actions was to wean him from his friends and interests. 

When a man has a lot of friends scattered all about he can escape.  When he has no friends he has no escape except work.  By making sure that the time before and after is full he soon as no where to go that has not been certified by his Owner; the Lemur Lady.

Hence Karl, who was once a crazy guy, full of fun and friends, is now a very old man at 37 whose life is perfectly arranged by his wife.


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