Tips For Obtaining a Fast Mortgage – Home Loans Do Not Have to Be a Difficult Task

Buying a new home, for many, seems like an easy situation. They drive around one Sunday afternoon, find the home they like, set an appointment and within a few weeks they are the proud new owners of their dream home. But how do they do it? There are only three things needed to buy a home fast. A downpayment, a steady job and a good credit score.


The traditional downpayment on a home is no longer the guiding number. Some people choose to place 50-60% of the home’s price as a downpayment, while others decide to pocket their savings and go for the NO downpayment option. Either way, some cash will be needed at the end of the day to cover points, closing costs and any applicable taxes and fees. So don’t go overboard on the downpayment, keep a little in the bank for those last-minute bills.


A steady job, in the mortgage lending business, can say a lot about a potential buyer. The longer a buyer has been employed with one company or business, the more apt they are to stick things out in life. This dedication screams, “YES! The mortgage will be paid!” to the mortgage lending company. If a job change has recently occurred, be sure to have either a signed letter of support from the previous employer or a great reason why the long-term employment was canceled. Be upfront with the mortgage lender, they will be ready to work around the change if the truth is told.

Credit Score

Credit, credit, credit. The world revolves around credit and credit score. While many cringe at the thought of seeing their credit score, there are many who know they are in the green. A great credit score is the secret to a quick and easy home buying experience. In some cases, if a home buyer’s credit rating is on the brink of being great, they should simply step back and wait a few more years before signing on that bottom line. A few credit points can and will make the difference in the total cost of the home.

Buying a home is not hard for everyone. There are people out there, and not just the ones on TV, who have these top three areas under control. There is nothing that can not be done with a little cash, a steady job and a great credit score.

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