The Atkins Diet is Reborn – New Atkins Advantage Diet Versus The Low-Carb Atkins of Old

The Atkins Diet Plan of old has been replaced with a newer, more follower-friendly version. This New Atkins Advantage Plan offers the dieter step by step instructions on how to begin the plan, follow the plan and integrate exercise into the plan. With scientific research finally admitting the positive outcome of the Atkins diet on the human body, this newer version should gain popularity rather quickly.

Why Are the Two Plans Different?

The key to the New Atkins Advantage Plan is knowledge. Where the old Atkins Diet Plan failed, this newer version succeeds. From the first pages of the book, the reader is offered a wealth of information explaining how the plan will change both your body and your mind. Freeing the dieter from the grasp of carbohydrate addictions, this low carbohydrate plan is more detailed than ever.

The explanation of the New Atkins Advantage Plan involves an inside look into the way the human body creates the energy needed for daily activities. This energy source, carbohydrates, tends to leave the eater craving more and more food within hours of eating. With the New Atkins Advantage Plan, the craving of food is taken away and the follower is left feeling satiated and full while loosing weight.

What About Exercise?

The new version of Atkins, explains not only the Atkins plan, but the extra steps needed to transform a lifetime of carbohydrate addiction into a life fed only by more and more energy. The book is easy to read, offers every step in detail and even adds a progressive exercise routine to ensure exercise incorporation into the plan.

The exercise plan included on the New Atkins Advantage plan is easy for every reader to follow. The exercises begin lightly, with no more than 30 minutes of stretching 3 days a week. The plan progresses the follower into more and more strenuous exercise activities as time moves forward.

Following the plan is easier than ever with more than 25 pages of diet plans created for the different stages of the plan. From the initial 20 carbohydrate levels, the low carbohydrate dieter is given tasty meal choices that do not appear to be low carbohydrate at all. On the contrary, eating on the New Atkins Advantage Plan is just plain delicious.

In comparison, the New Atkins Advantage Plan is much more user friendly than the old Atkins Diet Plan. This version is easy to read, offers less complicated scientific explanations yet still offers the reader a chance to understand how and why the diet works.

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