How To Look Great In Pictures

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Let’s face it, cameras can make the best of us want to run in the opposite direction, but looking good in a picture isn’t as difficult as most of us think. Cameras have this fine-tuned ability to pick up on all our flaws and accentuate them.  Looking good in a picture is about knowing your weak spots and identifying what is not working so well for you in your pictures.

Many people find that cameras make them look heavy, especially when we account for the fact that cameras can add up to 10 pounds. The reason most people find they look a bit heavier in pictures is because they are facing the camera straight on, allowing for it to make them look wider. In order to look slimmer it is important to face the camera at an angle. As well, bending one of your legs so that it is slightly over the other leg will also make your legs appear slimmer.

Most people have a side of their face that turns out better in pictures, yet many people aren’t aware of which side of their face that is. It is important to take the same picture from the left and then the right, which will allow you to see which is your good side. It is amazing how different a picture can look depending on which side you are.

Many people would like to look taller in pictures and there are several ways to do so. Firstly, there is the most obvious way which is to put on some heels, which will automatically give you height. Another way is to make sure that you are standing up straight and that you have an unobstructed view of your entire legs in the picture. What you are wearing is also important in making you look taller. Baggier clothing which doesn’t define your body will make you look boxier and therefore shorter, which is why it is important to wear more fitted clothing to help you look taller.

Camera angle is also important when taking a picture. It is best if a camera is pointed towards you at around eye level or slightly lower. If a camera is held up too high for a picture it will look unnatural which make areas like your nose and chin appear longer, which would only be desirable for those with noses and chins on the smaller side.

Taking the time to pose is also essential if you want you look great in a photo. There is nothing worse than taking a nice picture and thinking darn if only I had fixed my hair so that it look even on both sides, or straightened out my dress, all of which are easily fixed.

When taking a picture remember these simple steps and you will be taking great photos in no time. You need to know your good side, fix your hair however you like it (all behind your shoulders, all on one side, etc.), as well as your clothes, face the camera at an angle and place your hands on hips (with one hand slightly higher, because you don’t want to look like you are scolding someone) and you will be amazed at what a difference in your appearance this will make.

If you find you’re still at a loss for how to look good in a picture, Google some pictures of celebrities with similar bodies or face shape to you and take a look at how they pose to make themselves look great.

Relax and smile and picture taking won’t be as much of a stressor anymore, and if worse comes to worse bring your camera with you so that you are in charge of photos of yourself, and if there’s a few you are less than pleased with, no one has to know!


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